May 2007 Issue  Volume 8  Number 3

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Several Models in One: A Review of HumanWare's SmartView Xtend

Rather than offering a number of CCTVs with different features, HumanWare sells the SmartView Xtend. This product offers a variety of upgrades designed to meet the changing needs of consumers.--Lee Huffman

Accessibility Wash: New, Usable Washers and Dryers Are Released

Accessibility is now part of the design cycle at Whirlpool and Sears Kenmore.--Bradley Hodges

CSUN 2007

New personal digital assistants, screen readers for pocket PCs and new CCTVs were the highlights at this year's conference.--Deborah Kendrick and Jay Leventhal

Show Me the Money: An Evaluation of the Note Teller 2 Money Identifier

We review the only device available for identifying U.S. currency.--Bradley Hodges, Darren Burton, and Mark Uslan

The Large Challenge of Small Devices: A First Look at the Mobile Device Landscape

We define the differences among Pocket PCs, smartphones and Symbian phones, and provide a first look at Pocket PC access.--Bradley Hodges

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