September 2007 Issue  Volume 8  Number 5

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Making Your Smartphone Smarter, Part 2: A Review of Smart Hal

We review the Smart Hal screen reader working on the AT&T 2125--Darren Burton

A Pocket Full of Access: A Review of Mobile Speak Pocket and Pocket Hal

We put two Pocket PC screen readers through their paces--Bradley Hodges

Connecting the Dots: Life Beyond Notetakers

A power user writes about the advantages of accessing mainstream personal digital assistants using wireless braille displays--Larry L. Lewis, Jr.

My Experiences Purchasing and Activating a New Cell Phone

A consumer tells the story of activating his cell phone and installing a screen reader on it--Ronald E. Milliman

From Street Kid to CEO: An Interview with Mike Calvo

We interview the driving force behind Serotek Corporation, maker of the System Access screen reader--Deborah Kendrick

Increased Independence in the Palm of Your Hand: A Review of the Nemo and Compact+ CCTVs

We review two new handheld closed-circuit televisions--Lee Huffman

myReader Take Two: The Continuing Story of an Auto Reader

We take another look at HumanWare's autoreader--Lee Huffman

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