November 2007 Issue  Volume 8  Number 6

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Musings on the Evolution and Longevity of Accessible Personal Digital Assistants

Handheld devices keep shrinking, while becoming more powerful. We analyze the present, and predict these devices' future--Guido Corona

Exercising Your Right to Fitness: An Overview of Exercise Equipment Accessibility

We tackle the inaccessibility of exercise equipment, one barrier to keeping fit--Darren Burton and Lee Huffman

Reading into the Future: An Overview of the National Library Service Digital Talking Book Test Program

Come along as we preview the next generation of Talking Books--Deborah Kendrick

A Thorny Problem: Accessing the BlackBerry Device

We describe a method of accessing an essential device for government employees and corporate executives--Bradley Hodges

A Mountain of a Machine: A Review of the Olympus DS-40 Digital Voice Recorder

We review a small, accessible digital recorder--Deborah Kendrick

Zen and the Art of Portable Players

We take a look at a small, easy-to-use MP3 player--Janet Ingber

You Can Get Mail: A Look at the New AOL Mail Web Interface

We check out a web mail interface that includes design elements intended to provide accessibility for screen reader users--Bradley Hodges

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