January 2008 Issue  Volume 9  Number 1

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Letter to the Editor

Motivated to Make a Difference: An Interview with Frances West of IBM

We interview the director of IBM's Human Ability and Accessibility Center--Jay Leventhal and Paul Schroeder

Diabetes and Visual Impairment: An Update on the Accessible Blood Glucose Monitor Market

We evaluate new, accessible blood glucose meters--Darren Burton

Full Stream Ahead: A Review of the Victor Reader Stream

We review the popular new electronic book/MP3 player from HumanWare--Deborah Kendrick

Your Accessibility Is Extremely Important to Us: A Look at the Usability of Technology at Call Centers

We examine the accessibility challenges of call center jobs--Bradley Hodges

The Challenge of Assistive Technology and Braille Literacy

A company executive argues for more low-tech devices for writing braille--Tim Connell

Conference Report: Techshare 2007

We report on the 2007 Techshare conference, held in London--Rik Shepherd

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