July 2008 Issue  Volume 9  Number 4

Letters to the Editor

Synchronizing the iPod Shuffle Under Leopard

I just read your latest article on the accessibility of MP3 players (in the May 2008 issue of AccessWorld) and would like to make a quick comment that will help readers synchronize an iPod Shuffle with Leopard. I've done it several times and had good results.

  1. In iTunes, create a playlist with the songs you want to synchronize to your iPod
  2. Use drag and drop as follows. Position the VoiceOver cursor on the new playlist that you created with all your songs
  3. Press VoiceOver-Command-F5 to route the mouse to the VoiceOver cursor
  4. Press VoiceOver-Command-Shift-Spacebar to lock the mouse button
  5. Place your VoiceOver cursor on your iPod and route the mouse to it in the process above
  6. Press VoiceOver-Shift-Command-Spacebar again to unlock the mouse, and your files are synchronized

Please note that many people who are blind use the larger iPods just fine with the click counting method. I was using mine after an hour. Also, Apple has licensed some technology that could conceivably make the iPod Touch and iPhone more accessible and is working on iPod accessibility. Thank you for the positive things that you said about Apple in your article.

Jesse Kragiel

Accessible Telephone System Software

Thanks for the great article, "Who's on the Line: Access to Phone Systems at Work and at Home" (in the May 2008 issue of AccessWorld), which explains changes to the telecommunications industry during the 20th century and how Avaya's UAPS software is increasing accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. Avaya has teamed up with Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired and donated a state-of-the art VoIP system for our entire agency, including call center software. It is our intention to train individuals with visual impairments and physical disabilities to use the Avaya call center software and then employ them in a call center setting at Olmsted Center. We have every intention of using the UAPS application when the system goes lives sometime in June 2008. Paul Michaelis, among others at Avaya, has been a wonderful resource to help ensure that this new venture is a success for all our employees--sighted and blind. Later this year, Avaya is planning to include us in its customer showcase gallery.

Michael Jackson

Operations Manager

Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired

Buffalo, New York

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