July 2008 Issue  Volume 9  Number 4

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Rootbound Thinking in an Anemic Low Vision Industry

An assistive technology pioneer critiques the CCTV industry--Jim Halliday

Now Playing: A Review of the Accessibility of Digital Audio Players, Part 1

We determine the accessibility of off-the-shelf players, including ones from Apple, Microsoft, Creative Labs, Sony, and more--Darren Burton and Charles Wesley Clements

The Sky's the Limit: Accessible In-flight Entertainment and Information Systems May Be on the Way

Fasten your seatbelts for a preview of a system offering selectable fonts, video description, talking menus, and more--Lee Huffman

A Pocketful of Sound by Anna Dresner

We review a valuable how-to guide on audio players--Deborah Kendrick

Online Learning: What Works, What Doesn't

We feature a source of free, accessible online courses--Amy Salmon

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