July 2009 Issue  Volume 10  Number 4

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Navigating by Phone: A Review of Wayfinder Access GPS and Mobile Geo, Part 2

We evaluate Mobile Geo, the second of two cell phone-based GPS programs--Daren Burton and Tara Annis

Are You on BARD? The Long-awaited Switch to Digital Talking Books

We cover the transition to Digital Talking Books, from concept to reality--Guido D. Corona

Good News on the Home Front: An Update on the Accessibility of Appliances

We report on new, accessible stoves, washers and dryers, and air conditioners--Bradley Hodges

Lowering the Price of Braille: A Review of the Seika Braille Display

We review a 40-cell display that is far less expensive than comparable products--Deborah Kendrick

Even More Ways to Communicate: A Review of Twitter and Google Voice

We review the hottest social networking site and a new way to manage phone calls--Janet Ingber

Combating the Small Visual Display Invasion: AFB Works to Set a Display Quality Standard

We document the proliferation of small visual displays, and summarize recent survey results on that topic--Lee Huffman

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