November 2009 Issue  Volume 10  Number 6

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Product Evaluation

Product Evaluation: Two New Portable Digital Book Players Enter the Market

GW Micro's BookSense and the PLEXTALK Pocket (PTP1) from Shinano Kenshi mean competition for the Victor Reader Stream. This article describes these new players and compares their features and functions with those of the Stream.--Darren Burton

Access Issues

Screening Displays for Low Vision Access: A Look at Popular Audio Players and Book Readers

For people with low vision, it is important to consider the readability of small visual displays when selecting products to purchase.--Lee Huffman, Morgan Blubaugh, and William Reuschel

Lighting up Your World: A Closer Look at Illuminated Magnifiers

Information in this article will enable consumers to become much better informed about these devices, and with the assistance of their professional eye care team, select the magnifier best suited to their vision needs.--Lee Huffman, Morgan Blubaugh, William Reuschel, and Greg Goodrich, Ph.D.

Go Shopping, and Let Your Screen Reader Do the Walking

Read about the shopping experiences of a screen reader user while visiting popular web sites.--Janet Ingber

Bosch Puts New Spin on Washer and Dryer Controls

A laundry appliance accessibility update.--Brad Hodges


Cool Stuff in Every Pocket: An Interview with Fred Gissoni

This article takes a look into the life of the legendary blind pioneer, who has gently, humbly devoted his life to learning, and sharing that learning with other blind people.--Deborah Kendrick


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