March 2010 Issue  Volume 11  Number 1

Letters to the Editor

Dear AccessWorld,

Thank you for the informative comparison of the HumanWare Victor Reader, the PLEXTALK Pocket (PTP1), and GW Micro's BookSense. I found the article to be clearly written and informative. I have posted a link to it on our blog at and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Read How You Want is an accessible-formats book publisher that partners with more than 70 publishers to release their titles in DAISY, braille, and large print. We currently offer more than 4,000 books in our Classics library, as well as mysteries, cookbooks, children's and young adults' titles, health and wellness books, and more. We are constantly adding more titles and forming new partnerships. Our books can be found at

If you are interested in reading some of our books, we offer 5 free downloads from our Classics library as part of our partnership with PLEXTALK at We also offer 20 first chapters from contemporary books and 5 other Classics titles as part of our partnership with HumanWare at

Bradi Grebien-Samkow
Associate Publicist
Read How You Want
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