December 2010 Issue  Volume 11  Number 8

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Lee Huffman

Dear AccessWorld readers,

Last month, AccessWorld served up its best holiday gift-giving ideas for your friends and family with vision loss. We took the opportunity to tell you about some new accessible technology and games that would be sure to make that special someone on your shopping list very happy. We hope you also enjoyed the Haven cell phone review from Tara Annis and Morgan Blubaugh. This accessible phone is sure to make staying in touch easier in the coming year.

Perhaps Janet Ingber's review of popular online shopping sites is making purchasing your holiday gifts a little easier. Did Bradley Hodges review of make stocking up on household cleaning essentials more convenient this month? Maybe Deborah Kendrick's review of Directions for Me is taking the guesswork out of preparing those holiday meals by having package directions available at your fingertips. We hope so.

In this issue, we focus on independent travel. AFB's Information and Referral Specialist, Tara Annis, provides answers to her most frequently asked questions related to travel. J.J. Meddaugh takes a closer look at the accessibility of GPS for the Android operating system, while Bradley Hodges looks at GPS applications for the iPhone. Another great article in this issue comes from the desk of Detra Bannister, AFB's CareerConnect specialist, as she relates the success story of Deanna Austin, a driver with low vision who has been using bioptic lenses for the past 12 years.

We at AccessWorld hope this issue will give you ideas and information to improve your ability to travel independently. The AccessWorld team wishes you and yours health, happiness, prosperity, and safe travels during the holiday season


Lee Huffman
AccessWorld Editor-in-Chief

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