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AccessWorld News

AccessWorld News

The Hadley School Offers Training to Improve Access Technology Skills for Screenreader Users

The Hadley School for the Blind will offer three new, online courses designed to improve access technology skills for users of screenreaders. The two-part courses will be available in 2011.

The first course, "Screenreaders: Listening Skills," trains users to increase their speed of listening to a screenreader. The course is designed to help users to listen and comprehend a screenreader at 300 words or more per minute. It also provides lessons on being able to listen to your screenreader and listen to another person on the phone. This skill lends itself to success in most work places.

The second course, "Screenreaders: Web Browsing," is about navigating websites. This course has lessons that provide tips and advice on the best methods to navigate very accessible websites, as well as those that present more accessibility challenges.

The third course, "Screenreaders: Editing and Formatting Word Documents," is aimed at sharpening the user's skill in Microsoft Office 2007. It provides training on improving your ability to recognize the formatting of documents while using your screenreader and editing the document in a professional manner. Often, the skill to recognize editing issues with a screenreader can be difficult, but this could be the difference in success on the job or in class. Please visit the Hadley School for the Blind website to register.

The Hadley School Offers Self-Employment Course

Self-employment is always a hot topic for those looking for work, and individuals who are visually impaired want tools specific to their needs or obstacles. The Hadley School for the Blind is preparing to release a new online course titled "Self-Employment with a Minimal Investment ($5,000 or less)."

This course will contain six lessons for those who are blind or visually impaired. If a professional takes this course, it will have a seventh lesson specific to his or her needs. The course has specific real-life tips and strategies used successfully by persons with vision loss. There will be seminars as part of these lessons that will add to the students' experience.

The course includes these topics:

  • Generate an idea
  • Conduct a feasibility study
  • Develop a budget
  • Draft a marketing plan
  • Write a business plan

Often individuals are concerned about losing their disability benefits while developing their business, and this course attempts to answer those concerns with good strategies.

The course is free for individuals who are visually impaired. Hadley will also allow spouses or partners who are not blind or visually impaired to take this course alongside their spouse with vision loss. Because many couples go into business together and support one another, it makes sense to have both parties educated on these strategies to promote cohesion. There is a nominal fee for professionals who wish to take the course.

The course will be available in 2011. Please visit the Hadley School for the Blind website to register.

SuperNova Version 12 Release

Dolphin Computer Access has released an updated screen-access solution. SuperNova version 12 offers fully synchronized screen-magnification, screen-reading, and braille display support. This latest version also offers four new magnifier innovations for low-vision computer users.

Available in U.K. English, U.S. English, Australian English, Welsh, Dutch, French, Belgian French, Belgian Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, and Slovak, SuperNova version 12 now includes support for multiple monitors, a new text-smoothing technology called "true fonts," large, scalable mouse pointers, and a feature called "Mouse Buffer."

SuperNova version 12 is available in four editions, each specifically designed for computer users with different levels of visual impairment. SuperNova Magnifier and SuperNova Reader Magnifier are useful for low-vision or partially sighted computer users. SuperNova's screenreader is useful for blind computer users or people with no useful sight. The SuperNova Access Suite is designed for organizations looking for a "total" accessibility solution.

For more information, visit the SuperNova pages on the Dolphin Computer Access website or read the complete "What's new in SuperNova version 12?"

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