January 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 1

AccessWorld News

AccessWorld News

Readers Contribute Another Useful Shopping Site

As its name suggests, Buythecase.net allows shoppers to buy products by the case. According to two AccessWorld readers, who were kind enough to respond to a recent review of Soap.com, the site is recommended for purchasing bulk items. In addition, specialty items that may be difficult to find in local stores may be available through this site.

Our readers report that they purchase toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, and canned foods they eat regularly on this site. They caution would-be shoppers that one of the things to know about bulk purchasing sites is that you are buying entire cases of things, so you had better like them. "We eat a lot of canned tuna, so buying 24 cans at a time isn't a stretch. It will be eaten."

Our readers note that they use this site primarily because neither drives, and getting out to the store in winter can be a problem even though there are stores within walking distance of their house. They have a full basement and garage to store products, so buying extra is not a problem. "We've also bartered with neighbors for different things from our stock."

The couple navigates the website with either a combination of ZoomText and Window-Eyes, or Window-Eyes alone.

Town Hall Meeting at ATIA Orlando 2011 Hosted by ATIA Blind/Low-Vision Special Interest Group

Date: Thursday, January 27, 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Location: ATIA 2011 Orlando Conference, Caribe Royale Orlando All-Suite Hotel and Convention Center, Bonaire 1/2 Room

Focus: Identify today's challenges and help guide the direction of assistive technology including discussion on accessible workplace technology.

This will be an open forum to discuss obstacles facing individual users and support professionals; resources needed for individual success; feedback for vendors; and general discussion.

Please complete the form to RSVP for the BLV Town Hall Meeting.

This meeting welcomes all stakeholders including educators, assistive technology specialists, rehab professionals, workplace specialists, occupational therapists, researchers, vendors, consumers, families, and caregivers.

Verizon Replaces LG 8360 with LG Accolade

Verizon Wireless has long offered a series of mobile phones from LG that are popular among people with vision loss because they feature a significant level of built-in accessibility. The latest phone in this line is the LG Accolade, a flip phone that replaces the LG 8360. Verizon still offers the LG EnV3, which features similar accessibility with the addition of a QWERTY keyboard. These phones are feature phones and do not have all the bells and whistles of a smartphone, but they are popular because they have speech output and speech recognition to provide access to basic, but important, telecommunications features. Some of the accessible features of these phones include tactile keypads; talking caller ID; status information, such as time/date, battery, and signal strength; contacts; and limited access to menus and texting. The latest pricing for the LG Accolade is $39 for a two-year plan or $99 without a plan.

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