January 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 1

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AccessWorld Lends a Hand with New Year's Resolutions and Provides Rationale for Evaluating High-Priced Technology

Access to Fitness

Fitness FAQs from the Desk of AFB's Information and Referral Specialist

In this article, AccessWorld provides information about making fitness and leisure activities more accessible to people with vision loss.--Tara Annis and Lee Huffman

Access Issues

Accessibility Report on Apple's Latest iOS Update for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

This article reports on some of the new features and functions of the latest upgrade for these popular devices.--Darren Burton

Good News from the Big Box Store: Accessibility Features for Laundry and Kitchen Appliances Improve

This article takes a fresh look at the accessibility of major home appliances.--Bradley Hodges

HIMS vs. GW Micro: A Divorce with Two Happy Endings?

This article looks behind the scenes of the break up of two assistive technology companies.--Deborah Kendrick

Product Reviews

A Review of WinZoom 4 and the Windows 7 Magnifier

This article offers a practical review of lower-cost and no-cost options in screen magnification.--Morgan Blubaugh

AccessWorld News

AccessWorld News

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