February 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 2

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Lee Huffman

Dear AccessWorld readers,

It's February; how many of you are still on track with your new year's resolutions? I hope last month's article on frequently asked questions about fitness was helpful to those of you looking to improve your health in the new year. I also hope you enjoyed reading about the latest updates from Apple and about the WinZoom 4 screen magnifier and the built-in magnifier in Windows 7.

This month Deborah Kendrick takes a look at DocuScan and C-Desk for Media and Marc Grossman looks at the accessibility of Yahoo toolbars. We also have an interesting letter to the editor, in which a reader voices his frustrations with the reliability of notetakers and calls for improvements.

I get several e-mails from readers each month. Some ask questions about products evaluated in articles, some suggest topics to be covered, some have specific technology questions, some praise the magazine, and some critique. Whichever the case, I always appreciate your feedback and do my best to make sure all your e-mails are answered.

Going forward, look for the Letter to the Editor section, where each month I will select a letter to publish for AccessWorld readers to read, and comment back to me if they wish. This will increase the interaction between readers and myself, and allow you to see what is on the minds of fellow AccessWorld readers.


Lee Huffman

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