March 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 3

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Accessing the Value of a Dollar

Lee Huffman

Dear AccessWorld Readers,

Ready or not…it's here! Tax time! The time of year we all look forward to with anticipation, almost like a holiday!!! Well, maybe not.

For most Americans, managing personal finances—and especially preparing annual state and federal taxes—is a source of sometimes overwhelming stress, anxiety, and frustration. Trying to read and understand tax forms and new laws while searching through folders, shoe boxes, and electronic files to find long-lost documents and receipts can try anyone's patience. If you are a person with vision loss, tax time can be even more exasperating.

In this issue of AccessWorld, our team has assembled a group of articles that cover topics ranging from the accessibility of bank websites for personal checking and savings accounts, to money management software, to finding accessible tax forms and information, to finding assistance with completing and filing your taxes for free.

We at AccessWorld encourage you to take a proactive approach to your personal finances, which may mean finding an accessible method of independently keeping your check book register, independently withdrawing cash from your local ATM, researching and investing in the stock market, or planning for your retirement.

Whatever your situation, everyone must deal with money, and being able to do so independently is crucial. Remember: money talks!

We would like to hear from you concerning your experiences accessing banking and financial services. We want to find out how well these institutions are meeting the needs of people with vision loss, and we want to be able to demonstrate to these same institutions that there is still more work to be done to improve accessibility. Please take a few moments to participate in our survey. Results will be shared in a future AccessWorld issue, and the responses you provide will help AFB reach out to the banking industry to improve accessibility.


Lee Huffman

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