March 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 3

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Accessing the Value of a Dollar

Lee Huffman

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A Tech Geek Talks Money: An AFB TECH Lab Rat Discusses the Accessibility of Financial Technology

This article discusses technology tools available for managing accounts and conducting other financial business. Learn more about online banking and investing, computer and smartphone accounting applications, talking teller machines, and the latest news in currency identification.--Darren Burton

The Good Guys at the IRS: A Look at IRS Accessibility

In this article, the author shares the stories of a couple "good guys" at the IRS, along with tips and a list of important tax information resources that will hopefully help your 2010 filing go smoothly.--Deborah Kendrick

Accessing eBay: Tips on Buying and Selling for Screen Reader Users

If you are interested in making money by selling your unwanted items, read this step by step guide to accessing eBay with a screen reader.--Janet Ingber

It's in the Bank: A Snapshot of Accessible Online Financial Services

In this article, the author discusses his experiences with the accessibility of online banking.--Marc Grossman

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