July 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 7

Letters to the Editor

Kudos to AccessWorld and Response from Readers

Dear AccessWorld Editor,

Thanks so much for your continuing coverage of the world of cell phones.

I must say, you gave me quite a scare tonight! I just today ordered a Haven through Verizon. Then, I see your e-mail tonight noting a review of a new LG cell phone through Verizon. I was saddened but relieved to see that the Haven still seems to be the best option for us as far as simple phones are concerned.

It's unfortunate that manufacturers refuse to advance phone features and access for us as they do for everyone else. I'm grateful that Samsung and Apple are [among the few] companies that are trying to include us.

[In the article] you referred to your review of the Haven, which I had not yet read until tonight. Thanks so much for this review; it will be very helpful to me as I get to know my new phone. I also appreciate your mention of [the available] accessible formats …for the [user's] manuals. I could scan [the manual], but would much rather get a prepared electronic or braille version.

One correction, though: I learned through a very thorough webcast Accessible World presented last year on the Haven that there is in fact an accessible way to make it talk right out of the box.

I'm so grateful to have this resource, along with your evaluation, to use to get me going on the phone.

Thanks again for your excellent work, and in particular your continuing coverage of the cell phone market. Your articles on cell phones and other equipment help me greatly personally, and [also] in [the] work I do to assist other blind and visually impaired people through the Kansas Rehabilitation Services as their VR counselor.


Dear AccessWorld Editor,

Great job editing the magazine!

In answer to your question to readers about which cell phones they are using, I am currently using the (ancient) LG8300, but I am holding out another month or two for its replacement. I was seriously considering the iPhone with my RefreshaBraille braille display, but the National Braille Press, Levelstar, and the American Printing House are coming out with smartphones with the braille displays built in. My preference is to carry one unit as opposed to two machines.

Keep up the great work!


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