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AccessWorld News

AccessWorld News

Accessible Digital Television: Code Factory Releases TV Speak in the USA

Code Factory has announced the American release of its new software application, TV Speak.

TV Speak uses speech output and magnification to allow people who are blind or have low vision to use the most common functionality of digital terrestrial television in a fully accessible way. The application is compatible with Windows-based computers (Windows 7, Vista, or XP) that are equipped to receive a digital television signal.

Eduard Sánchez, Code Factory CEO, says this about the development of the new software: "The way people watch television is changing. In the near future we will all use television to access the Web and consume multimedia content and digital information. Blind people cannot be left out of this new world of possibilities. …TV Speak is our first contribution in this field."

With TV Speak people who are blind or have low vision can:

  • Access the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Consult information about the current or next program while watching TV.
  • Select an audio channel that provides audio description.
  • Schedule and record programs (image and audio, or audio only) based on the EPG information.
  • Tune and order television and radio channels.
  • Configure both television and TV Speak parameters.
  • Enable parental control settings.
  • Execute basic TV operations such as change channel, adjust volume, etc.

Code Factory developed TV Speak in partnership with ONCE, the Spanish national association for the blind.

TV Speak is available from HandyTech North America; info@handytech.us; (651) 636-5184.

Disability Related Updates from the White House

To receive updates on disability issues from the White House, simply ask to be added to the update list by sending an e-mail.

Ai Squared Releases iPad Contacts Accessibility App

Ai Squared released ZoomContacts, an app for the iPad and iPad 2. ZoomContacts presents the information in an iPad's internal Contacts database using multiple font size and color combination choices.

ZoomContacts is available now in the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

A video demo of the app is available on YouTube.

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