August 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 8

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AccessWorld Readers Respond to STEM

Lee Huffman

Product Evaluations

A Comparison of Three Low Cost Hand Held Camera Model Video Magnifiers: Vision Booster Magnifier, Carson DR-200 ezRead, and Wireless Electronic Reading Aid

The three products reviewed in this article are hand-held camera model electronic magnifiers which are distinguished by a camera unit similar to a computer mouse. These devices connect to a standard television or computer monitor. The three products reviewed here sell for less than $150 and provide an easily transportable tool for viewing text and graphics.--Ike Presley

NonVisual Desktop Access and Thunder: A Comparison of Two Free Screen Readers

This article summarizes the results of a project conducted in the AFB TECH lab and compares the performance of NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) and Thunder, two free screen readers for Windows computers. For this project, we compared the performance of NVDA and Thunder on several of today's common computer tasks.--Darren Burton and John Lilly

Book Review

Twenty-Six Useful Apps for Blind iPhone Users, by Peter Cantisani

National Braille Press has once again produced a unique book containing timely information that exactly reflects a piece of popular culture. If you are an iPhone user or may be thinking of switching to an iPhone, this book will be a great resource for you.--Deborah Kendrick

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STEM Access is Important to AccessWorld Readers

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