October 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 10

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AccessWorld Celebrates Disability Employment Awareness Month

Lee Huffman

Mobile Technologies

AccessWorld: There's an App for That!

AccessWorld is proud to announce that you can now download the AccessWorld App on your iPhone! —Ricky Kirkendall and Darren Burton

Product Evaluations

Product Evaluation: Braille Sense OnHand Notetaker and PDA from HIMS, Inc.

HIMS Inc. has introduced a new member of their Braille Sense line, the Braille Sense OnHand. The OnHand is a very small and powerful braille notetaker and PDA with both braille and speech output and is capable of interfacing with loads of off-the-shelf mainstream products. —Deborah Kendrick

Employment Issues

National Disability Employment Awareness Month: Employment Resources that Work—Revisited and Updated

Over the past 12 months, we've seen some exciting changes and amazing additions to the employment opportunities available for people with disabilities. —Joe Strechay

Making the Right Impression: Interview Tips for Applicants with Vision Loss

Some tips and advice on preparing for a job interview. —Joe Strechay

Employment for People with Vision Loss: A Brighter Forecast

Though the current employment picture is not particularly positive, there are many signs that point to better times ahead for job seekers with vision loss. —Joe Strechay

The Current State of Employment for People with Vision Loss: National and State Perspectives

A round-up of some of the initiatives and programs around the United States that are providing employment assistance to people with vision loss. —Joe Strechay

Letters to the Editor

Responding to Paul Schroeder's Article, "Responding to Shifts in Technology: Accessibility in a Changing Environment"

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AccessWorld News

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