November 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 11

Letters to the Editor

Worldwide Distributor of the Touch Memo Responds to AccessWorld Evaluation

Dear AccessWorld Editor,

In response to the September article comparing the PenFriend and Touch Memo ("PenFriend and Touch Memo: A Comparison of Labeling Tools"), as [a spokesperson for the device's] worldwide distributor, I would like to clarify a few points regarding the Touch Memo.

Designed to be used as a daily living product, the Touch Memo has a number of different audible chimes, including a chime to indicate if a particular label has not yet been recorded on, providing an audible way to identify labels.

Among other labels available with the Touch Memo is the washable label, useful in distinguishing between different types of clothes. As mentioned in the article, these labels can be sewn onto clothing. [They can also] be attached to clothes with a safety pin—maybe on the tag, collar, or other inconspicuous area.

Concerning the shape of the Touch Memo, one of the first points the user will notice is its lightweight, slender design, [which makes] it comfortable to hold and easy to use when pressing the three distinct soft rubber function buttons. The Touch Memo's rechargeable battery lasts for up to six hours of continuous use. Also, the hold switch is designed to prevent [the device] from being turned on accidentally while [stored] in a pocket or purse[...].

Regarding technical specifications, the Touch Memo has two camera sensors to ensure the right code is detected on the label and the corresponding message is played. Also the internal memory allows for high quality WAV format recording, which we feel results in a crisper and clearer sound quality.

Thank you for providing the opportunity to clarify these points. If your readers have further questions regarding the Touch Memo, they may contact our North American distributor, Vision Cue, by calling (888) 318-2582, or sending an e-mail to:

Natalie Baron
Senior Manager, International Sales
Times Corporation, Japan

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