December 2011 Issue  Volume 12  Number 12

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A Step Toward Independent Travel

Lee Huffman

Independent Travel Issues

Driving with a Bioptic System: One User's Experiences

Those with certain stable low-vision conditions can use a bioptic lens system to drive. This article discusses the required training and the experience of using the bioptic system, along with some tips for driving with the system. — Ike Presley

Q and A with Janet Ingber: Things to Consider When Thinking About a Guide Dog

A roundup of frequently asked questions about working with a guide dog, along with their answers. — Janet Ingber

The LookAround GPS from Sendero and the Ariadne GPS: Two iPhone Apps that Increase Independence for Blind and Visually Impaired Travelers

Whether you use a guide dog, a cane, or have functional vision, these two inexpensive iPhone apps are easy to use for location determination and for acquiring nearby street information. — Janet Ingber

Product Evaluations

The Serotek HoverCam: A Portable Reading Solution for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Evaluating the HoverCam lead to mixed results. — Deborah Kendrick

Letters to the Editor

Can a blind person navigate a Kindle Keyboard reader to access Audible books?

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