March 2012 Issue  Volume 13  Number 3

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A Busy Week at CSUN 2012

Cell Phone Accessibility

Android Ice Cream Sandwich: Evaluating the Accessibility of Android 4.0

While improved since our last evaluation, the out-of-the-box accessibility of the latest version of the Android operating system--known as Ice Cream Sandwich--is still not close to reaching that found in the Apple iPhone. -- Darren Burton and Matthew Enigk

Low Vision Accessibility

The Bigger Picture: A Comparative Review of Magnifier for Windows 7 and Zoom for Mac OS

Unless you require only low-level magnification when using a computer, neither Magnifier nor Zoom is a truly feasible access solution. -- John Rempel

Book Reader App Usability

A Guide to the Read2Go App for Apple iOS, from Bookshare

A series of regular updates have improved Read2Go for Apple iOS. -- Aaron Preece and Darren Burton

Bookshare Reader 3.7.0 and Darwin Reader 1.22: Two Android Apps Provide Access to Books

Users of Android smartphones now have options for accessing books, often at a lower cost than iOS apps. -- J.J. Meddaugh

A Tribute

Fred Gissoni: The Legacy of a Matchless Pioneer

Nine days after his 82nd birthday, Fred Gissoni spent his last day on the job at the American Printing House for the Blind. His life, generosity, wisdom, and humor--along with his remarkable example--continue to be gifts to blind and sighted people everywhere. -- Deborah Kendrick

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