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Product Evaluations

When FullHD and Portability Meet: A Review of the Topolino Smart USB Video Camera (CCTV) by Reinecker

by John Rempel

Manufactured by Reinecker, the Topolino Smart is designed for close-up and distance viewing, and it can interface with a computer or be used with a monitor alone. The Topolino's image quality, portability, and versatility pack a powerful punch.

Technology and Productivity

Series: Removing the Stress from iOS: A Blueprint for Incorporating Touchscreen Products Into the Classroom, Workplace, and Community

Part II: Success With iOS: Making it Happen!

by Larry Lewis

This article is the second in a series of four designed to incorporate accessible iOS know-how into your adaptive technology journeys. This article helps tie practical strategies for using iOS technology to the performance of the tasks that are important to us and our sighted peers.

Access to Music

Learning to Play a Musical Instrument: Resources for People who are Blind or Visually Impaired

by Janet Ingber

The lessons and materials described in this article are specifically geared to people with visual impairments who want to study at home and learn at their own pace. I've used all of these resources in my work as a professional music therapist.


When Tech Support Isn't Supportive

by Deborah Kendrick

Computer users with vision loss will encounter occasions when it is necessary to talk to a technical support person in the mainstream, a person representing your bank, for example. My own experience has run the gamut with such individuals. Perhaps you will recognize some of my experiences as ones you have had yourself. We'll look at them and then look at some ways in which these encounters can lead to more positive outcomes.


George Kerscher, an Unsung Hero, Receives High Honor

by Paul Schroeder

On May 5, 2012, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) awarded Dr. George Kerscher with the Migel Medal, the highest honor in the blindness field. Read my tribute and the full text of Deborah Kendrick's May 2001 interview with George Kerscher.

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AccessWorld News

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