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New Product Announcement

New Product Announcement: AccessNote: AFB's New Note Taker for Your iOS Device

by Darren Burton and Ricky Kirkendall

The AFB Tech lab is excited to announce that AFB will soon be releasing AccessNote, a note taker for your iPhone or other iOS device. AFB Tech, in conjunction with FloCo Apps, LLC, has designed what is expected to be a groundbreaking productivity tool for people with vision loss, and developers plan for its launch at the App Store later this summer.

Product Evaluations

Transforming Lives for People with Low Vision: An Evaluation of the Transformer, a Computer Compatible Electronic Magnifier from Enhanced Vision

by Lee Huffman

This article evaluates the portable, full-feature Transformer electronic magnifier from Enhanced Vision.

Product Evaluation: Insignia Narrator, the Only Fully Accessible HD Radio on the Market

by Deborah Kendrick

The Insignia Narrator is a great product at a great price that will appeal to many consumers and has the advantage of being completely accessible "out of the box."

Richard Oehm: Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Inventor of a DTV Radio for the Blind

by Deborah Kendrick

If you're only interested in the audio portion of digital television broadcasts and are looking for a simple, affordable solution, the Oehm Electronics DTV radio is an innovative and unique solution.

What You See Is What You Feel: Getting in Touch with Haptic Technology from eTouchSciences

by Tara Annis

Can Haptic Technology Be Used to Teach STEM Concepts in the Classroom? The answer is, Yes. This article explores new computer applications from eTouchSciences.

Technology and Productivity

Series: Removing the Stress from iOS: A Blueprint for Incorporating Touchscreen Products Into the Classroom, Workplace, and Community

Part III, Success With iOS: iOS and E-books, An Alternative Means of Reading

by Larry Lewis

This article is intended to give you an overview of the current scope of searching for, downloading, and reading books on your iOS device, and I hope it gives you a bit of perspective as you incorporate iOS book reading into your iOS consumer experiences.

Cell Phone Accessibility

Siri Substitutes: If You Don't Have Siri, There Are Other Options

by Janet Ingber

For very little money, it's possible to get several apps which, combined, can execute many of Siri's functions. Each app has its own advantages and disadvantages. If I were forced to recommend only two apps to provide "Siri like" functionality, I'd choose Evi and Vokul.

An Evaluation of Two Cell Phone Accessibility Websites: Access Wireless and FCC Clearinghouse

by Tara Annis

This article provides an analysis of Access Wireless and FCC Clearinghouse.

All for One and One for All: The Use of "All-in-One" Multifunctional Document Centers by People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision

by Jaclyn Packer, Ph.D. and Morgan Blubaugh

This article describes a survey that is the first part of a larger project to gather information on the accessibility of Multifunctional Document Centers for users who are blind or visually impaired.

Service Organizations

Hands-On Access at Baruch College: A Model for Linking Technology and Service

by Karen Luxton Gourgey, Gus Chalkias, and Mary Brady

Since 1978, the Computer Center for Visually Impaired People (CCVIP) at Baruch College has been empowering people with vision loss through the teaching of digital and access technology. In 2010, it began work on a model to formalize the relationship between technology and service by creating the Assistive Technology Demo Center. This article highlights its success.

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