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Technology and Productivity

Series: Removing the Stress from iOS: A Blueprint for Incorporating Touchscreen Products Into the Classroom, Workplace, and Community

Part IV: Creating, Editing, and Sharing Information

by Larry Lewis

Learn your options in creating, managing, and sharing documents via iOS and traditional notetaking devices, how to's, and pros and cons.

Product Evaluations

Can the iPad and an App Replace Electronic Magnifiers (CCTVs)? An Evaluation of SightTech's EyeSight App

by John Rempel

The EyeSight app and the additional hardware needed to turn the new iPad into an electronic magnifier may be a feasible solution for some people with low vision.

Product Evaluation: Victor Reader Stratus 12 M DAISY MP3 Player from HumanWare

by Deborah Kendrick

For a person who prefers having just one device for playing music, books, and text files, the Victor Reader Stratus maybe a great choice.

Service Organizations

Building Competence and Confidence: A Summer Program for Middle and High School Students at Baruch College

by Karen Gourgey, David Seyfert, and Lynnette Tatum

Summer seems an ideal time in which to create partnerships between teachers, school programs, and specialized programs that may offer students the chance to grow and gain confidence.


Watching TV Blind: A Love-Hate Relationship: A Commentary

by Paul Schroeder

As federal regulations change, letting the networks know you would like to see more described programming is something we can all tune into.

Accessibility at Popular Vacation Destinations

Accessibility in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and the Busch Gardens Amusement Park

by Janet Ingber

A fun place to visit is the Williamsburg area of Virginia. Located approximately 150 miles south of Washington, DC, the area is home to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown Victory Center, and Busch Gardens. Each of these places has lots of hands on activities.

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