February 2013 Issue  Volume 14  Number 2

Product Evaluations

E-mail for Your Ears: A Review of the Fully Functioning Talkler iOS App

In late December, the Talkler app became available in the iTunes store. This article is an update on how the app works in relation to the beta version that was previously reviewed in AccessWorld . Talkler is available for the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 as well as the iPod touch 3rd, 4th, 5th generations, and the iPad. According to the iTunes store, the app is optimized for the iPhone 5, which is the device used for this evaluation.


The same tabs, inbox, tips, and settings are listed on the bottom of the app screen as in the beta version, and the same accessibility is present. Another feature, Auto Pilot, has been added by which Talkler will read each e-mail in succession without waiting for a command.

Talkler understands and successfully executes many commands, including "Play e-mail," "Delete," and "Mark as unread." Its performance is significantly better than in the beta version. During testing the app did well even without headphones or when held to my ear if I was in a quiet area. At no time during the evaluation did the app crash.


If you are looking for a hands-free app to read your e-mail, then Talkler is certainly worth trying. The developers have worked hard to insure accessibility. Since the app is self-voicing, VoiceOver should be turned off. This is easily accomplished by triple clicking the "Home" button. There is a free version of Talkler, so no expense is necessary.

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