September 2013 Issue  Volume 14  Number 9

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Hold That Document: A Review of the ScanJig Portable Document Scanner

The ScanJig is a portable device that holds your document in the correct position for scanning. From the company's website:

"ScanJig is a simple stand that holds your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy and other smart devices in the correct position as you use your favorite scanner app to scan perfectly aligned documents. Now you can increase productivity by quickly scanning documents or photos with great image quality and fewer adjustments."

In addition the website states that no electrical adaptors or battery power is needed.

ScanJig Description

The unit, which is made of lightweight polymer board, arrives in many pieces. There are two large sides that make up the base of the unit. Most pieces have slots, allowing the ScanJig to be assembled by sliding one slot into another slot. How the ScanJig is assembled depends on which scanner device you are using. For my iPhone 5, I needed seven slotted pieces, the piece to hold the document, one shelf, and two pieces of stick-on board. The stick-on board is placed on the little shelf to keep the iPhone in place. I did require sighted assistance to put the unit together the first time. Tactilely, the ScanJig is shaped like a ladder in the front, with the board to hold the document in the middle and triangles in the back. The two large sides were shaped almost like stick-figure fish from a side view.

Supported Devices

The following iOS devices can be used with the ScanJig: iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPod 5. In addition, some Android devices that can be used. A complete list of compatible phones is available on the ScanJig site.

ScanJig Performance

ScanJig did well with a variety of documents, including a business letter, sentences on a page and part of a contract. The stick-on tapes helped keep the iPhone in place.

ScanJig Versus StandScan

In a June 2013 article I reviewed the StandScan, another product that keeps a document in the correct position for scanning. Using the same evaluation process, the ScanJig did as well as the StandScan Pro.

The ScanJig contains many different pieces and needs to be re-assembled each time it is taken apart. The StandScan and StandScan Pro fold flat. Other than the battery pack and AC adaptor, there are no additional parts.

The ScanJig works with the iPad while the StandScan and StandScan Pro do not. Both models of the StandScan are significantly easier to assemble and take apart. They both fold flat, while the ScanJig has multiple loose pieces.

Product Information

Product: ScanJig
Available from: ScanJig
Price: $39.95 (at press time, the product was on sale for $29.95)

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