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A Step Out of the AccessWorld Box

Lee Huffman

Vision Research

Four Emerging Vision-Enhancing Technologies: the Implantable Miniature Telescope, the Telescopic Contact Lens, the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis, and the Artificial Silicon Retina

by Bill Holton

Low vision technology solutions help the visually impaired get the most use from limited vision, and these days the technologies have grown so small and powerful, you might not even have to carry them around with you. They're always on and always with you, because they work from right on top of, or even inside of, the eye itself.

Product Evaluations and Guides

An Evaluation of the I.D. Mate Quest Talking Bar Code Scanner from Envision America

by Deborah Kendrick

The I.D. Mate Quest Talking Bar Code Scanner is an extremely well-designed product that does what it promises to do and does it extremely well.

CDesk from Adaptive Voice: An Intuitive Accessible-Desktop Program that Makes a PC Easier to Use

by Janet Ingber

If you find using the computer overwhelming, or if you are a first-time computer user and you want to start with an easy interface, then CDesk from AdaptiveVoice may be a good choice for you.

Hold that Document: A Review of the ScanJig Portable Document Scanner

by Janet Ingber

ScanJig is a stand that holds your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, and other smart devices in the correct position as you use your favorite scanner app to scan perfectly aligned documents. You can increase productivity by quickly scanning documents or photos with great image quality and fewer adjustments.


Series: The Work of the Smith-Kettlewell Institute
Part III: The Video Description Research and Development Center, Continued

by Deborah Kendrick

Making video description more readily and abundantly available to blind and low-vision children and adults is essential to equal participation in most environments. The work at Smith-Kettlewell has brought focus to that problem and begun developing tools to address it.

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