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An Introduction to Accessible QuickBooks by Intuit and My Blind Spot

by Aaron Preece

My Blind Spot and Intuit should be commended for their efforts to improve accessibility. Not only have they made great strides towards developing an accessible product, they have made it very usable as well.

Evaluating the Accessibility of Microsoft Office for the iPad

by Bill Holton

On March 27 of this year, Microsoft introduced the long-awaited Office for iPad. Microsoft acknowledges and this evaluation confirms that Office for iPad is not yet fully accessible. This is disappointing and discouraging, especially considering the length of time this product has been under development.

Braille Sense U2 Mini from HIMS: Good Things Do Come in Small Packages

by Deborah Kendrick

The bottom line is that this is an extremely versatile, responsive, and robust product and, at $3,995, we could almost add affordable to the list of adjectives as well. HIMS Inc. is carving an impressive niche as a blindness products company that is engaged with its customers and responsive to customer feedback.

My Fitness Pal: A Guide to an Accessible Fitness Tool

by Janet Ingber

My Fitness Pal is a good option for someone wanting to get in shape. There's a lot of information on the website, but it's manageable!

Vision Research

eSight Eyewear and Smart Glasses from Assisted Vision

by Bill Holton

This article discusses two vision research efforts: A pair of smart glasses under development by a team of researchers led by Oxford University's Stephen Hicks, and the digital eyewear, available for purchase as of October 2013, from Ottawa-based eSight Corporation.

App Accessibility

iPhone and Android Apps Keep you Up to Date with the Latest News

by J.J. Meddaugh

Thanks to smartphones, we have a bevy of options at our fingertips to learn of the latest happenings. Since news stories by their nature are mostly text-based, many apps available to read the news are quite accessible on mobile devices. This article highlights several apps available for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) or Android that we have found to be both accessible and useful in gathering and reading about the latest news.

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