March 2015 Issue  Volume 16  Number 3

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Conference News

CSUN 2015: What's New from the Exhibit Hall and Beyond

by J.J. Meddaugh

From the dozens of informative sessions to the jam-packed exhibit hall, CSUN is still the largest and most influential conference of its kind. In this round-up, I try to scratch the surface when it comes to talking about everything that happened at CSUN.

Product Evaluations and Guides

Voice Dream Writer: An iOS Editor with Accessibility Extras

by Bill Holton

Students and office workers who wish to use their iPhones or iPads to take notes in class or in meetings will enjoy this app, especially when paired with a Bluetooth keyboard. Entering text is as easy or easier than other iOS note taking or word processing apps, and reviewing what you have written is significantly easier, especially if you use Markdown.

Phonak ComPilot Product Review: Wearing a Necklace of Sound, A Product of Interest for Deaf-Blind or Hard of Hearing

by Deborah Kendrick

Today, there are many options for augmenting residual hearing. The Phonak ComPilot is of note for its performance, but also in that it is an example of "wearable" technology.

Choice of Robots from Choice of Games LLC: A Game Review

by Jamie Pauls

Over the past three years, the California-based company Choice of Games LLC has released a series of text-based games, playable on several platforms including the Web, Android, and iOS, that bring together the simplicity of a multiple-choice exam with the vivid writing of a bestselling novel.

A Review of the Pocket Yoga, CARROT Fit, and CARROT Hunger iOS Fitness Apps

by Janet Ingber

If you made a New Year's resolution to get in shape or have been thinking about it for a while, here are three iOS apps that can help get you started and keep you motivated.

Book Review

Become an Amadeus Pro Maestro, by Jonathan Mosen: A Book Review

by Jamie Pauls

Amadeus Pro is a very powerful program with a lot of features. Mosen's audio tutorial highlights many of these features, and provides suggested resources for further exploration. Mosen points out some inconsistencies with VoiceOver and Amadeus Pro, and provides work-arounds when they are needed.

AccessWorld News

AccessWorld News

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Letters to the Editor

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