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AccessWorld's Annual Holiday Issue

2015 Holiday Shopping and Gift Giving

AccessWorld 2015 Accessible Holiday Gift Guide: From Free to Extravagant, Something for Everyone on Your List

by Deborah Kendrick

This year, we've rounded up some gift ideas that you can give with confidence and pride to your friend or loved one who is blind or visually impaired. They range in price from absolutely free to hundreds of dollars, with plenty of sparkling ideas on the continuum between the two.

Holiday Shopping Using Your iOS Device

by Janet Ingber

iOS shopping apps make it especially convenient to do holiday shopping anywhere. There's no need for a computer--just get your device and start shopping. This article reviews the Amazon mobile app, the Apple Store app, and RetailMeNot. The first two apps have items for sale while RetailMeNot provides discount codes and coupons for a wide variety of retailers.

Product Reviews and Guides

An Overview of iOS 9

by Janet Ingber

Recently, Apple released iOS 9, a new operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This new system provides VoiceOver accessibility improvements along with other general improvements. There isn't a downside to upgrading.

CrowdViz: Remote Video Assistance on your iPhone

by Bill Holton

There is a new player in the video assistance arena called CrowdViz, and like Be My Eyes it is currently only available in the iOS App Store, though an Android version is also in the works. Unlike Be My Eyes, however, after eight complimentary video assistance sessions, new sessions must be paid for via in-app purchase.

College Success: More than Textbooks from Learning Ally

by Deborah Kendrick

Launched in April 2015 and still growing, Learning Ally's College Success program offers an online curriculum to guide students through acquiring the necessary tools to adjusting to life as a college student - and doing so with confidence and success.

Web Accessibility

sitecues from Ai Squared: Magnification and Speech for Websites

by Shelly Brisbin

sitecues, a tool developed by ZoomText maker Ai Squared, seeks to make the web easier to read for users who could benefit from text magnification or speech, especially those who don't use other assistive technology solutions.

Gaming Access

64 Oz. Games Promotes Braille Literacy and Fun At the Same Time

by Jamie Pauls

As you prepare to spend time with those you care about this holiday season, why not visit 64 Oz. Games and purchase some accessibility kits for games that you and yours can play together. It is evident that Richard and Emily Gibbs have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for what they do, and they have only just gotten started making accessibility kits for games that the blind and sighted can play together. Let's give them our support!

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