May 2016 Issue  Volume 17  Number 5

Editor's Page

AccessWorld Is Listening!

Lee Huffman

Dear AccessWorld readers,

That's right, we are listening to your comments on articles, reflecting on your questions about both mainstream and access technology, and hearing your thoughts and opinions on everything from the future of braille and braille technology, to video description, to television programming access, to frustrating and inaccessible apps and feature phones, to all the good, the bad, and the ugly with all things Windows, Apple, and Android.

The AccessWorld staff enjoys and, more importantly, very much appreciates hearing from all of you. Quite often a comment or question from a reader turns into an article that, in turn, provides information to the tens of thousands of readers who visit AccessWorld each and every month. In the coming months, the staff and I will be increasingly looking to your feedback to drive content decisions we make for AccessWorld. In addition, we are always seeking feedback on the AccessWorld app, which is available free in the Apple App Store. If you haven't yet tried it out, I encourage you to download it today. So, lay it on us!

We are looking for both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Right now, I encourage you to use the "comment on this article" link at the very bottom of each article to provide feedback, positive comments, and, yes, constructive criticism, for me and the AccessWorld authors. You can also use that link to ask specific questions about each article. If you prefer, you can also send an e-mail directly to me. When you write in, remember that we may choose to publish your letter in the Letters to the Editor section of AccessWorld. The staff and I also believe it is important to know who says what. To that end, both first and last names (when available) are published in the Letters to the Editor section. If you do not want your name published, just let us know when you write in and we'll refrain from publishing your comments.

This is your opportunity to have your voice heard, so speak up! The AccessWorld staff is listening!

Lee Huffman, AccessWorld Editor-in-Chief
American Foundation for the Blind

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