January 2017 Issue  Volume 18  Number 1

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear AccessWorld Editor,

An Evaluation of the Samsung UN50H6400 Television by Bill Holton was a fantastic, well-written, and thoughtful review, as is so much of your content, and it is much appreciated. It's two years later now, and this article is way overdue for an update. Information on smart TVs that run on Android and contain voice guidance or let you load Talk Back is still nearly impossible to find on the Internet. On the Samsung site the features aren't even listed on the specification sheets. You have to go into the individual manuals for each model to find it. So there is no way I could find to easily search for models that have it.

The voice guidance feature has slipped down into models that can be obtained this holiday season for under $300 including the UN40J5200 ASXZA. Samsung Direct had this model for $249 with free shipping, and their technical support person verified the existence of the accessibility menu. Voice guidance can be launched now by a long press on the mute button. From what I understand all of their 4K smart TVs are supposed to have this feature, but testing in the store would be recommended. After all, I could be wrong. Other specific more expensive models I was given with this feature are: UN40JU6700, UN40KU700D, and UN40KU7000.

These are all 40-inch models since that is what I was interested in, but I understand all the 2015 and 2016 4K Smart TVs have this feature. I would love to [know] if some of the bugs have been worked out [and] if other manufacturers have stepped up to provide talking televisions for the US market, along with their models, problems, and prices. Thank you very much.


Reginald George

Dear AccessWorld Editor,

My comments are in response to Janet Ingber's November article, Holiday Shopping at Best Buy and QVC.

I have used QVC for 15 or so years. I have done so with all methods mentioned in this great article. The only point I take issue with is saying their website is completely accessible. [In the example in the article] of the silver bracelet, there would not have been a color option, but say… I want to order a top that comes in many colors. The buttons for color are not labelled. Therefore, I would still have to call customer service or automated ordering to place my order. The buttons just say "button" … with no other identifying marker. Have you found a work around for this problem? Because of this, I use the app more and more… at least up until I get to the checkout portion.

Great job! Keep up these great articles!

Shannon Cook

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