March 2017 Issue  Volume 18  Number 3

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A Busy Time at AccessWorld

Lee Huffman

Dear AccessWorld readers,

All I can say is WOW!

It has been one busy, action-packed time at AccessWorld and all AFB! It seems we just wrapped up with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the Assistive Technology Industry Association Conference (ATIA,) and then turned full force into the California State University at Northridge Conference (CSUN) and the AFB Leadership Conference (AFBLC).

CSUN was held in San Diego, California, February 27-March 3, and AFBLC was held in our nation's capital, Washington DC, March 2-March 5. You read that correctly, the CSUN conference dates conflicted with the dates of AFB's Leadership conference. Admittedly, AFB was concerned about conflicting conference schedules, but I am thrilled to report this AFBLC 2017, despite competing with CSUN for attendees, broke our record for attendance,which was set last year. Please mark your calendar now for next year's AFB Leadership Conference, which will be held April 5-7, 2018, in Oakland, California.

Speaking of conference coverage, AccessWorld will have conference wrap-up articles from Jamie Pauls, Shelly Brisbin, and Janet Ingber for CSUN and AFBLC in our April issue. In the meantime, in order to help keep AccessWorld readers up to date with the goings on at CSUN, AFB was, once again, proud to sponsor the Blind Bargains podcast coverage of CSUN 2017. The AccessWorld team encourages you to log on to the Blind Bargains Audio Content page, which features great interviews, presentations, and updates on the latest in technology news from the conference.

Lee Huffman
AccessWorld Editor-in-Chief
American Foundation for the Blind

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