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A Busy Time at AccessWorld

Self-Advocacy in the Healthcare System

Advocating for Yourself in an Emergency Medical Situation: Advice for People with Visual Impairments

by Deborah Kendrick

Even while rooted in a hospital bed, unable to move without assistance, we can still advocate for ourselves, control our own environments to a point, and thus maintain our independence. This article uses my experience to demonstrate how to advocate for yourself while in a hospital setting

Product Evaluations and Guides

A Review of Manamon, an Audio-Based Role-Playing Game by VGStorm

by Aaron Preece

Manamon is an excellent game for those who enjoy turn-based role-playing games. The game plays smoothly and the sound design is top-notch. Manamon customization is limited, which can make some of the minor balance issues problematic, but the developer continues to make improvements.

A Review of the Audio Tutorial for the Google Suite of Products by Mystic Access

by Bill Holton

The step-by-step audio guidance works well. The tutorial does not strive to be comprehensive. Indeed, that would take a book several hundred pages long. What this tutorial aims to do, and in my opinion it succeeds admirably, is to offer a beginner's guide to these apps, giving you sufficient basic knowledge to venture forth on your own into the more advanced features.

There's No Place like Google Home: A Review of Google's Voice Assistant

by J.J. Meddaugh

While my smartphone can do many of the same tasks that Google Home does, it's nice to have a machine that I can yell at wherever I am in my house, regardless of where my phone happens to be. The hands-free operation lets me set timers, read recipes, or call an Uber with little effort, making the device an integral part of my life.

CAPTCHA Be Gone from Accessible Apps Removes Another Barrier to Accessibility

by Jamie Pauls

CAPTCHA Be Gone is an easy-to-use service that does exactly what it promises--it allows someone with a visual impairment to successfully enter the information requested by a CAPTCHA with a minimal amount of inconvenience.

Feel the Buzz of the BuzzClip

by Janet Ingber

Wearable technology, such as the Apple Watch, is currently a big trend in consumer electronics, and the BuzzClip is a promising new entry in this market. This device can be a beneficial tool to increase independence for visually impaired travelers.

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