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Accessible Reading : A review of The Abundant Bookshelf by Judith Dixon and A First Look at Downpour, a New Source for Audiobooks

by Bill Holton

This article reviews The Abundant Bookshelf: Reading Books on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch by Judith Dixon, available from National Braille Press. It also introduces a brand new player in the commercial audiobook arena, Downpour. Dixon has done a commendable job covering the various ways to enjoy reading using VoiceOver on an iOS device.

Book Review: Getting Started with Android by Ana Garza and JJ Meddaugh

by Aaron Preece

This is a great introduction to the Android operating system, especially for those familiar with computer technology. Even though I was familiar with the operating system and TalkBack beforehand, I learned quite a bit while working through the book.

Accessibility Updates in the Technology Arena

Speaking of Amazon: An Update on Amazon Accessibility and Using the NVDA Screen Reader with Kindle for PC

by Bill Holton

The Windows Kindle E-Reader is now completely accessible using the NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) screen reader. Since you may not have used NVDA yet, we thought we would point you to a few excellent "getting started" guides, and another potentially useful screen reader resource. After that we'll return to Amazon, and fill you in on a few of the company's other recent accessibility initiatives.

Product Evaluations and Guides

A Tour of Apple's iOS and tvOS TV App Plus Remote Options for the Apple TV

by Janet Ingber

The TV app is an easy way to organize and have quick access to your movies and TV shows on iOS and AppleTV. The iOS device Remote app and the Apple Watch Remote app provide good options if you don't like the TV's included remote.

Game Review: Less Is More with Mine Racer from 2MB Solutions

by Jamie Pauls

I was first introduced to Mine Racer thanks to a podcast on AppleVis. I found the price reasonable enough that I skipped the demo and simply purchased the game. I have found it to be surprisingly enjoyable and addictive.

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