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  Anne Sullivan Macy: Miracle Worker

Anne Sullivan Macy, Helen Keller, and Polly Thomson in Forest Hills

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Trouble at Home and Abroad (1917-1930)
The Three Musketeers

Although the campaign was not a fund raising success it was a public relations success. By 1927 Anne and Helen had addressed 250,000 people at 249 meetings in 123 cities. They had brought the issue of blindness to the awareness of more Americans across the country than had been achieved at any previous time. The women were invaluable—they knew it and so did Migel. The President and Executive Director used his formidable powers of persuasion to keep Anne, Helen, and Polly satisfied. He was canny enough to deal carefully with his famous employees, whom he flatteringly dubbed "The Three Musketeers."

As the years progressed, the trio and the aristocratic Migel became genuinely fond of one another. Migel wrote the following to Helen during their vacation trip to Scotland in 1933:

...In everything that we do and everything we wish done through you "Three Musketeers" our dominant thought is and always will be what would bring you the greatest happiness in the doing.

This is said in all sincerity and will always guide us all, and myself particularly—so just tell me exactly what you would prefer doing, and I will fully understand.

....I might tell you—confidentially—that I miss you three a great deal and although my visits to you have been sparse, my thoughts have been with you very, very frequently.

Drop me just a line occasionally, if you cannot write a letter—your communications are always treasured.

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