Assistive Technology for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Ike Presley and Frances Mary D'Andrea









The listings in this appendix represent a sampling of the extensive resources available on assistive technology. However, since assistive technology and related products are updated regularly, and web sites are subject to frequent change, this resources section constitutes simply a snapshot of what was available at the time it was compiled.

In addition to the listings included here, there are State Assistive Technology Act programs that work to improve the provision of assistive technology to individuals with disabilities of all ages through comprehensive statewide programs of technology-related assistance. These 56 state and territory programs are funded under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998. The programs support activities designed to maximize the ability of individuals with disabilities and their family members, guardians, and advocates to access and obtain assistive technology devices and services. A list of state programs and contact information can be found on the RESNA website at


The national organizations listed here are, generally speaking, sources of information on assistive technology. Some also offer products, publications, services, consultation, or conferences. A separate list of organizations that provide information mainly through their web sites follows.


c/o The Gilman Group, L.L.C.
P.O. Box 6356
Rutland, VT 05702-6356
(802) 775-1993 (phone)
(802) 773-1604 (fax) (e-mail)

Provides information on available adaptive equipment and alternative methods for accessing computers.


8630 Fenton Street, Suite 930
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(800) 227-0216 (phone)
(301) 608-8958 (fax)
(301) 608-8912 (TTY) (e-mail)

Provides information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources to consumers, organizations, professionals, and caregivers within the United States.


949 3rd Avenue, Suite 200
Huntington, WV 25701
(304) 523-8651 (phone) (e-mail)

An office for the American Foundation for the Blind that develops information, through analysis, evaluation, and laboratory product testing, on a broad range of everyday and emerging devices. Evaluations are published in AccessWorld: Technology and People with Visual Impairments, as well as important related journals. Works with software developers, web site designers, and hardware manufacturers to help them better understand and address the needs of those who are blind or visually impaired. Both assistive technology products used by individuals who are blind or visually impaired and mainstream technology products are evaluated by AFB TECH staff. AFB TECH also operates CareerConnect, a web site and database of currently employed blind or visually impaired individuals who offer mentorship and support to blind or visually impaired people entering the workplace or pursuing an educational goal. Information for parents, teachers, counselors, and employers is also provided, so they can better assist visually impaired people as they form and actualize their career plans.

Alliance for Technology Access (ATA)

1304 Southpoint Boulevard, Suite 240
Petaluma, CA 94954
(707) 778-3011 (phone)
(707) 765-2080 (fax)
(707) 778-3015 (TTY) (e-mail)

National network of community-based resource centers, product developers, vendors, service providers, and individuals that provides information and support services to children and adults with disabilities, and works to increase their use of technology.

American Foundation for the Blind

11 Penn Plaza, Suite 300
New York, NY 10001
(800) 232-5463 or (212) 502-7600 (phone) (e-mail)

Information clearinghouse that offers information about assistive technology on its web site as well as a searchable product database. AFB TECH, AFB's technology center in West Virginia, evaluates assistive technology and mainstream technology products used by individuals who are blind or visually impaired (see separate listing). Publishes a free online magazine, Access World: Technology and People with Visual Impairments. AFB's National Literacy Center develops teacher training curricula, provides up-to-date resources and workshops for professionals, and provides resources on braille, assistive technology, and low vision. The National Literacy Center also publishes Dots for Braille Literacy, a free newsletter about new braille products, strategies for teaching, and resources for teachers, parents, family members, and anyone interested in braille literacy. AFB Press publishes a variety of materials including AFB Directory of Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons in the United States and Canada, available in print and in a searchable online version with sections on sources of assistive technology products and materials in alternate formats; "Technology Q&A," a regular column in AFB's Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness designed to give readers practical information on assistive technology and how it is being used in education, on the job, and at home; and AccessWorld Guide to Assistive Technology Products, published by AFB Press and available in print and online, which provides descriptions of over 280 products for people who are blind or visually impaired and a resource list of product manufacturers and distributors. AFB Consulting is dedicated to working with manufacturers of mainstream technology and products to make them accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

American Printing House for the Blind

P.O. Box 6085
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206-0085
(800) 223-1839 or (502) 895-2405 (phone)
(502) 899-2274 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures textbooks and other educational publications for students who are visually impaired and publications useful to adults, such as cookbooks and dictionaries in alternate formats. Also develops and manufactures hundreds of products, tools, and supplies that support students and adults who are visually impaired and increase their independence. Maintains the Louis database, which allows teachers, parents, and students to locate thousands of textbooks in braille, large print, recorded, and computer disc formats available from producers across the United States. Conducts ongoing research and product development activities in such areas as tactile graphics, braille reading readiness, and low vision. Hosts the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC), the central repository that contains source files from publishers that can be used to produce books in accessible formats for students with print disabilities.

Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA)

401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611-4267
(877) 687-2842 or (312) 321-5172 (phone)
(312) 673-6659 (fax) (e-mail)

Membership organization of manufacturers, sellers, and providers of technology-based assistive devices and services. Holds a yearly conference on assistive technology.

California Transcribers and Educators of the Visually Handicapped

741 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029-3594
(323) 666-2211 (messages only)

Membership organization of educators, transcribers, rehabilitation specialists, librarians, paraprofessionals, parents, and others who are interested in the needs of people who are blind and visually impaired. Holds annual conference and special workshops, and publishes a quarterly journal. Content experts, including experts in computer-assisted graphics and braille production, are available to respond to questions and offer assistance.

Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM)

One Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135
(617) 300-3400 (phone)
(617) 300-1035 (fax)
(617) 300-2489 (TTY) (e-mail)

Research and development facility dedicated to the issues of media and information technology for people with disabilities in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities.

CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology)

40 Harvard Mills Square, Suite 3
Wakefield, MA 01880-3233
(781) 245-2212 (phone)
(781) 245-5212 (fax)
(781) 245-9320 (TTY) (e-mail)

Develops technology-based educational resources and strategies based on the principles of universal design for learning. CAST leads the NIMAS Development Center and the NIMAS Technical Assistance Center to further develop and support the implementation of the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) to guide the development and distribution of digital instructional materials for students who are print disabled.

Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA)

Georgia Institute of Technology
490 Tenth Street
Atlanta, GA 30332-0156
(404) 894-1414 (phone)
(800) 726-9119 (voice or TTY)
(404) 894-9320 (fax) (e-mail)

Provides access to information on assistive technology devices and services, as well as other community resources for people with disabilities and the general public.

Center on Disabilities, California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

18111 Nordhoff Street, Bayramian Hall 110
Northridge, CA 91330-8340
(818) 677-2684 (phone)
(818) 677-4929 (fax) (e-mail) (e-mail)

Holds CSUN, the annual International Conference on Assistive Technology and Persons with Disabilities, which provides an inclusive setting for researchers, practitioners, exhibitors, end users, speakers, and other participants to share knowledge and best practices in the field of assistive technology.

Closing the Gap

526 Main Street
P.O. Box 68
Henderson, MN 56044
(507) 248-3294 (phone)
(507) 248-3810 (fax)

Publishes a bimonthly newspaper that highlights hardware and software products appropriate for people with special needs. Holds an annual international conference.

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

1110 North Glebe Road, Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22201-5704
(800)224-6830 or (703) 620-3660 (phone)
(703) 264-9494 (fax)
(866) 915-5000 (TDD/TTY) (e-mail) (Division on Visual Impairments) (Technology and Media Division)

Works to improve the educational success of individuals with disabilities and gifts and talents. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, sets professional standards, provides professional development, advocates for individuals with exceptionalities, and helps professionals obtain conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice. Holds an annual conference and publishes journals, newsletters, and books. Its 17 divisions include a Division on Visual Impairment, which publishes D.V.I. Quarterly, and the Technology and Media Division, which publishes the Journal of Special Education Technology.

Learning Independence through Computers (LINC)

1001 Eastern Avenue, 3rd Floor
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
(410) 659-5462 (phone)
(410) 659-5472 (fax)

Computer resource center that provides opportunities for people with disabilities, their families, professionals, and members of the business community to explore adaptive technology, computer systems, software, and the Internet.

National Braille Association (NBA)

95 Allens Creek Road
Building 1, Suite 202
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 427-8260 (phone)
(585) 427-0263 (fax) (e-mail)

Membership organization for transcribers. Offers twice-yearly professional development conferences at various locations throughout the nation and offers assistance and resources regarding technical braille issues.

National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI)

1000 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007-3835
(202) 403-5323 (phone)
(202) 403-5001 (fax)
(202) 333-3072 (TTY) (e-mail)

Assists researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs in creating innovative learning tools for all students, with a special focus on students with disabilities. Funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the U.S. Department of Education.

National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC)

1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206-0085
(877) 526-4622 or (502) 899-2230 (phone) (e-mail)

The federally funded national electronic file repository created under IDEA 2004 and established at the American Printing House for the Blind that makes National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) files available for the production of core print instructional materials in specialized formats for qualifying blind, visually impaired, or print-disabled students in elementary or secondary school.

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS)

Library of Congress
1291 Taylor Street, NW
Washington, DC 20542
(800) 424-8567 or (202) 707-5100 (phone)
(202) 707-0712 (fax)
(202) 707-0744 (TDD/TTY) (e-mail)

National program to distribute free reading materials in braille, on recorded discs and cassettes, as Digital Talking Books, and in Web-Braille to blind and visually impaired persons who cannot use printed materials. Operates a reference section providing information on reading materials for disabled persons, offers braille transcription and proofreading courses, and maintains a music collection and music services for blind persons.

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic

20 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
(866) 732-3585 or (609) 452-0606 (phone) (e-mail)

Nonprofit volunteer organization serving people who cannot effectively read standard print because of visual impairment, dyslexia, or other physical disability. Lends audio or digital recorded textbooks and other educational materials at no charge. Recording is done in a network of studios across the country.

RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America)

1700 North Moore Street, Suite 1540
Arlington, VA 22209-1903
(703) 524-6686 (phone)
(703) 524-6630 (fax)
(703) 524-6639 (TTY)

Membership organization of rehabilitation professionals, consumers, and students who are dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas and information for the advancement of assistive technology. Holds an annual conference that brings together researchers, practitioners, policy specialists, manufacturers, educators, and consumers interested in the field.


AccessIT: The National Center on Accessible Information Technology in Education

Box 357920
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7920
(206) 685-4181 (phone)
(206) 543-4779 (fax)
(866) 866-0162 (TTY) (e-mail)

A web site designed for educators, policymakers, librarians, technical support staff, and students and employees with disabilities and their advocates that promotes the use of electronic and information technology for students and employees with disabilities in educational institutions at all academic levels. Features a searchable database of questions and answers.

All Hotkeys

Web site that collects and lists software keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys).

Apple, Inc.

One Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 996-1010 (phone)

The accessibility section of the Apple web site offers information about the accessibility features of Macintosh computers. Within that section, a resources section offers a variety of accessibility solutions developed by third parties for the Macintosh operating system.

ASSIST with Windows (Accessible Step-by-Step Instructions for Speech Technology with Windows)

Iowa Department for the Blind
524 Fourth Street
Des Moines, IA 50309-2364
(515) 281-1357 (phone) (e-mail)

This project developed computer training materials written specifically for individuals who are blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind. Although no longer developing new materials, the existing products are for sale, including tutorials, keyboard guides and diagrams, and course packets. Some are available for free download. The training materials address all levels of users, from beginners to advanced users.

Assistive Technology Training Online Project (ATTO)

Center for Assistive Technology
School of Public Health and Health Professions
University of Buffalo
State University of New York
515 Kimball Tower
Buffalo, NY 14214
(716) 829-3141 (phone)
(716) 829-3217 (fax)

Provides information on assistive technology applications that help students with disabilities learn in elementary classrooms.

Curtin University Centre for Accessible Technology

Building 204:216
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Curtin University of Technology
Kent St Bentley
P.O. Box U1987
Perth 6845 WA
+61 8 9266 4540 (phone)
+61 8 9266 2584 (fax) (e-mail)

A multidisciplinary research group that develops both hardware and software solutions and methods of their application for people with print or vision disabilities, focusing on assistive technology and rehabilitation engineering solutions, with particular emphasis on e-Learning and educational requirements, techniques and curriculum development. The books section includes documentation on VoiceOver, the Macintosh screen readers, in accessible formats.

Family Center on Technology and Disability

Academy for Educational Development
1825 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20009
202-884-8068 (Phone)
202-884-8441 (Fax) (e-mail)

Supports organizations and programs that work with families of children and youth with disabilities. Offers a range of information and services on the subject of assistive technologies, including a searchable database of assistive technology resources.

Greg Kearney's Internet Services

Wyoming Medical Center

This Internet page offers several applications and scripts especially for Macintosh computers, including braille software and VoiceOver-enabled software for the Apple Macintosh.

Microsoft Corporation

One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399
(800) 642-7676; (800) 892-5234 (phone)

The accessibility section of Microsoft's web site devoted to accessibility of Microsoft programs (including the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Word, Microsoft Office, and Outlook). Includes tutorials and information about products compatible with Windows.

National Public Website on Assistive Technology

Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access
Georgia Institute of Technology
490 Tenth Street
Atlanta, GA 30332-0156
(800) 726-9119 or (404) 894-1414 (phone) (e-mail)

Provides access to information on assistive technology devices and services, as well as other community resources for people with disabilities and the general public. The site is created and maintained through the collaboration of the Georgia Tech Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access (CATEA), National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), and the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) of the U.S. Department of Education.

QIAT (Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services)
Nationwide grassroots group whose mission is to guide the development and delivery of quality assistive technology services by identifying, disseminating, and implementing a set of widely applicable quality indicators for assistive technology services in school settings.

Resources for Assistive Technology in Education

Joy Smiley Zabala
P.O. Box 3130
Lake Jackson, TX 77566 (e-mail)

Information about the SETT Framework, an organizational tool to help collaborative teams create Student-centered, Environmentally useful, and Tasks-focused Tool systems that foster the educational success of students with disabilities.

Special Education Technology—British Columbia (SET-BC)

105-1750 West 75th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6P 6G2
(604) 261-9450 (phone)
(604) 261-2256 (fax)

A program of the British Columbia Ministry of Education that assists school districts in educating students with physical disabilities, visual impairment, and autism through provision of assistive technology and training for students and educators. The Learning Centre section of the web site features a wide variety of resources for teachers on different kinds of assistive technology, including lesson plans, videos, and other information about teaching strategies and specific products.

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI)

1100 West 45th Street
Austin, TX 78756
(800) 872-5273 or (512) 454-8631 (phone)
(512) 206-9450 (fax)
(512) 206-9451 (TDD)

The technology section of the TSBVI web site provides a wide variety of information on assistive technology, training, products, and technology assessment, including forms and checklists to evaluate students on specific products. The math section also contains information on adaptive tools and technology for mathematics and tactile graphics for mathematics.

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3)

(617) 258-9741 (phone) and (e-mail)

Works with organizations around the world to develop strategies, guidelines, and re-sources to help make the Web accessible to people with disabilities.

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI)

448 East High Street
Milton, WI 53563
(800) 991-5576 or (608) 758-6232, ext. 340 (phone)
(608) 868-6740 (fax) (e-mail)

Assists school districts and early intervention programs in providing assistive technology and with implementation of needed assistive technology devices and services. The web site offers a variety of information on assistive technology, including assessment guides, forms, and checklists. Sells manuals and other training materials on such topics as assessment, strategies for implementing assistive technology, assistive technology planning, autism, and transition.


Assistive Technology Training Online Project (ATTO)

Center for Assistive Technology
School of Public Health and Health Professions
University of Buffalo
State University of New York
515 Kimball Tower
Buffalo, NY 14214
(716) 829-3141 (phone)
(716) 829-3217 (fax)

Provides step-by-step tutorials on how to use specific assistive technology products.

Carroll Center for the Blind

770 Centre Street
Newton, MA 02458
(800) 852-3131 or (617) 969-6200 (phone) (e-mail)

Offers online self-paced training through its distance learning web site, including instruction in the use of screen readers, screen magnification programs, scanners, braille translators and many of the applications that are part of the Microsoft Office suite and courses geared specifically for teachers of the visually impaired, rehabilitation teachers, and other professionals.

Hadley School for the Blind

700 Elm Street
Winnetka, IL 60093-2554 USA
(800) 323-4238 or (847) 446-8111 (phone)
(847) 446-0855 (fax) (e-mail)

Offers classes free of charge to its blind and visually impaired students and their families and affordable tuition classes to blindness professionals in the mail or online. Includes courses on assistive technology and the Internet for students and professionals.


The companies listed in this section are manufacturers and developers of a wide variety of assistive technology products whose use is described in this book, as well as some distributors of products manufactured outside the United States. (Check manufacturers' web sites to locate additional local distributors.) Because technology changes so rapidly and it is impossible to enumerate all the products available, this list is just a sampling of what is available at the time of publication. An index to manufacturers by categories of products appears in the section that follows. For additional information and resources, visit the American Foundation for the Blind web site at

ABISee, Inc.

52 Tanbark Road
Sudbury, MA 01776
(800) 681-5909 or (978) 201-9302 (phone)
(253) 595-3623 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures video magnifiers (Zoom Ex, Zoom Frog, Zoom Twix) and the Eye-Pal scanning machine.

Access Ingenuity

3635 Montgomery Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(877) 579-4380 or (707) 579-4380 (phone)
(707) 579-4273 (fax) (e-mail)

Offers a variety of assistive technologies from various manufacturers and an adjustable monitor arm stand for LCD monitors.

Ai Squared

130 Taconic Business Park Road
Manchester Center, VT 05255
(800) 859-0270 or (802) 362-3612 (phone)
(802) 362-1670 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures screen magnification systems (ZoomText Magnifier, ZoomText Magnifier/ Reader) and the ZoomText Large Print Keyboard. Also distributes a variety of video magnifiers.

American Printing House for the Blind (APH)

P.O. Box 6085
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206-0085
(800) 223-1839 or (502) 895-2405 (phone)
(502) 899-2274 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures Digital Talking Book players (Book Wizard Producer, Book Wizard Reader); accessible personal digital assistants (Braille+ Mobile Manager); low vision devices (Primer Electronic Magnifier, RollBuster); a speech product (Money Talks); slates and styli; Math Flash drill and practice software; a variety of reading and writing supplies; tactile graphics materials; and tactile maps.

American Thermoform Corporation

1758 Bracket Street
La Verne, CA 91750
(800) 331-3676 or (909) 593-6711 (phone)
(909) 593-8001 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures Thermoform duplicators and supplies; braille embossers and production equipment and a variety of braille and tactile graphics materials. Distributes a variety of products, including products from Index Braille in Sweden.

Ann Arbor Publishers Limited

P.O. Box 1
NE71 7JX
+44 01668 214460 (phone)
+44 01668 214484 (fax)

Supplies educational assessment materials for children with learning difficulties, as well as resources for professionals dealing with these problems, including tracking materials.

Another Eye

1046 Wood Duck Court
Maineville, OH 45039
(888) 274-1862 or (866) 778-7523 (phone) (e-mail)

Manufactures video magnifiers (AE1, AE3, AE3M, AE50, AE6).

Apple, Inc.

One Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 996-1010 (phone)

Manufactures the VoiceOver screen reader.

Ash Technologies

B5, M7 Business Park
Naas, Co. Kildaire
+353 45 882212 (e-mail)
U.S. distributor: Freedom Vision

Manufactures video magnifiers (Andromeda, Eclipse, Fusion, Liberty Scholar, Liberty Solo, OPTi Lite, OPTi Mouse, OPTi Verso, Quicklook Zoom, The Prisma, TVi Color).

Audio Visual Mart

603 Williams Boulevard.
Kenner, LA 70062
(504) 712-0400 (phone)
(504) 712-0032 (fax) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of products, including products from F. H. Papenmeier in Germany and Index Braille in Sweden.

Baum Retec AG

Schloss Langenzell
D-69257 Wiesenbach
+49 6223 4909-0 (phone)
+49 6223 4909-7321 (fax) (e-mail)
U.S. distributor: HumanWare USA

Manufactures braille displays (VarioPro 64, VarioPro 80) and the ScannaR optical character recognition system.

Beyond Sight, Inc.

5650 South Windermere Street
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 795-6455 (phone)
(303) 795-6425 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures LapTalk (speech product). Also distributes a variety of products.

Bierley Associates

19500 Graystone Lane
San Jose, CA 95120
(800) 985-0535 or (408) 365-8012 (phone)
(408) 351-8300 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures video magnifiers (Big Reader, ColorMouse, ColorMouse-USB, MonoMouse, MonoMouse-USB).


2707 Meadow Place North
Renton, WA 98056
(425) 430-8800 (phone)
(425) 204-6072 (fax)

Distributes a variety of products, including products from Index Braille in Sweden.

Brailler Depot

107 Trimble Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011
(973) 272-7667 (phone) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of products, including products from Index Braille in Sweden.


600 Peter Morand Crescent, Suite 240
Ottawa, ON K1G 5Z3
(613) 731-5800 (phone)
(613) 731-5812 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures speech products (Note Teller2, ColorTeller).

Canon U.S.A.

1 Canon Plaza
Lake Success, NY 11042
(703) 807-3158 (phone) (e-mail)

Manufactures the Canon Voice Operation Kit.

Captek dba Science Products

1043 Lincoln Highway
Berwyn, PA 19312
(800) 888-7400 or (610) 296-2111 (phone) (e-mail)

Manufactures the Sharp A440 Talking Cash Register.

Christal Vision

6303 Southern Hills
San Antonio, TX 78244
(800) 299-0700 or (210) 666-0700 (phone)
(210) 662-7559 (fax) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of products, including products from Index Braille in Sweden and Low Vision International in Sweden.


2222 Park Place, Suite 1-C
Minden, NV 89423
(800) 575-1456 or (775) 782-5611 (phone)
(775) 783-0966 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures video magnifiers (Clarity CarryMate, Clarity Deskmate, Clarity Flexmate, Clarity Junior, Clarity PCMate, Discovery II).

Dancing Dots

1754 Quarry Lane
Valley Forge, PA 19482
(610) 783-6692 (phone)
(610) 783-6732 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures braille translators (GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator, GOODFEEL Lite), the CakeTalking screen reader, and Sibelius Speaking (speech product) and other materials related to braille music.

David Mielke

Developed the BRLTTY screen reader.

Design Science, Inc.

140 Pine Avenue, 4th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802
(800) 827-0685 (phone) (e-mail)

Manufactures MathPlayer and MathType.

Dolphin Computer Access Inc.

231 Clarksville Road, Suite 3
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
(866) 797-5921 or (609) 803-2171 (phone)
(609) 799-0475 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures the Cipher Braille Translator, EasyReader Digital Talking Book player, Cicero Text Reader, screen magnification systems (Lunar Screen Magnifier, LunarPlus Enhanced Screen Magnifier, Supernova Pro, Supernova Reader Magnifier Standard), and screen readers (Dolphin Pen, Hal Professional, Hal Standard).

Don Johnston, Inc.

26799 West Commerce Drive
Volo, IL 60073
(800) 999-4660 or (847) 740-0749 (phone)
(847) 740-7326 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures and distributes a variety of educational products for literacy and communication students with disabilities, including the Write:OutLoud talking word processor and writing software program.

Duxbury Systems, Inc.

270 Littleton Road, Unit 6
Westford, MA 01886-3523
(978) 692-3000 (phone)
(978) 692-7912 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures braille translators (Duxbury Braille Translator, MegaDots).

Easy Talk

2201 Limerick Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32309
(850) 906-9821 (phone) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of products, including products from Index Braille in Sweden and Human Information Management Service in Korea.


Sales Office
c/o MRN, Inc.
5353 South 960 East, Suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT. 84117
(888) 640-1999 or (360) 695-4155 (phone)
(888) 254-1712 (fax)

Develops and distributes a variety of educational software and low vision devices.

Enabling Technologies Company

1601 Northeast Braille Place
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
(800) 777-3687 or (772) 225-3687 (phone)
(772) 225-3299 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures braille embossers (Braille BookMaker, Braille Express, Braille Place, ET, Gemini, Juliet Classic, Juliet Pro, Marathon Brailler, PED-30, Romeo Attache, Romeo Attache Pro, Romeo Braille 25, Romeo Pro 50, Thomas. TranSend LT). Also distributes a variety of products.

Enhanced Vision Systems

5882 Machine Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(888) 811-3161 or (714) 374-1829 (phone)
(714) 374-1821 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures video magnifiers (Acrobat, Amigo, Flipper, Flipper Panel, FlipperPort, Jordy, Max, Merlin, Nemo).

En-Vision America

1845 West Hovey Avenue
Normal, IL 61761
(800) 890-1180) or (309) 452-3088 (phone)
(309) 452-3643 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures speech products (i.d. Mate II, ScripTalk)

Exceptional Teaching

5673 West Las Positas Boulevard, Suite 207
Pleasanton, CA 94588
(800) 549-6999 or (925) 598-6999 (phone)
(925) 598-0086 (fax) (e-mail)

Develops and distributes a variety of educational products for students with visual impairments and other special needs, including Wikki Stix and other supplies for making tactile graphics, tracking materials, and the SAL2 System, an interactive braille learning station that runs on the Talking Tactile Tablet (see Touch Graphics).

F. H. Papenmeier GmbH & Co. KG

Reha Division
P.O. Box 1620-58211
Schwerte, Germany
+49 02304-205-0 (phone)
+49 02304-205-205 (fax) (e-mail)
U.S. distributors: Audio Visual Mart, Technologies for the Visually Impaired

Manufactures the Braillex EL 2D-80 braille display and braille personal digital assistants (Braillex EL Braille Assistant-20-cell, Braillex EL Braille Assistant-32-cell).

Fonix Speech, Inc.

387 South 520 West, Suite 110
Lindon, UT 84042
(801) 553-6600 (phone)
(801) 553-6707 (fax)

Distributes speech synthesizers (DECtalk Access32, DECtalk Express, DECtalk PC2).

Franklin Electronic Publishers

One Franklin Plaza
Burlington, NJ 08016-4907
(800) 266-5626 (phone)
(609) 239-5948 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures a variety of talking electronic products, including accessible talking dictionaries.

Freedom Scientific

11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
(800) 444-4443 or (727) 803-8000 (phone)
(727) 803-8001 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures braille displays (Focus 40 Braille Display, Focus 80 Braille Display, PAC Mate 20 Display, PAC Mate 40 Display), digital Talking Book player (FSReader), optical character recognition systems (OpenBook, SARA Scanning and Reading Appliance; Wynn Wizard scanning and reading software), personal digital assistants—braille (Braille Lite M20 and M40, PAC Mate Omni BX400, PAC Mate Omni BX420, PAC Mate Omni BX440), personal digital assistants—speech (PAC Mate QX400, PAC Mate Omni QX420, PAC Mate Omni QX440), screen magnification systems (MAGic Professional with speech, MAGic Professional without speech, MAGic Standard with speech, MAGic Standard without speech), screen readers (JAWS for Windows Professional, JAWS for Windows Standard), speech products (ScanTalker), and video magnifiers (ONYX, ONYX Deskset 17, ONYX PC Edition, Opal, TOPAZ Desktop Video Magnifiers).

Freedom Vision

615 Tami Way
Mountain View, CA 94041
(800) 961-1334 or (650) 961-6541 (phone)
(650) 968-4740 (fax) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of products from Ash Technologies.

gh, LLC

1305 Cumberland Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47906
(866) 693-3687 or (765) 775-3776 (phone)
(765) 775-2501 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures the gh Player software for playing Digital Talking Books.

Gregory Braun

P.O. Box 237
Elm Grove, WI 53122-0237
(800) 999-2734 or (719) 576-0123 (phone) (e-mail)

Developed the Screen Loupe screen magnification system.

Guerilla Technologies

5029 SE Horseshoe Point Road
Stuart, FL 34997
(772) 283-0500 (phone) (e-mail)

Manufactures optical character recognition systems (Extreme Reader ER1, Extreme Reader XR1, Extreme Reader XR10, MobilEyes).

GW Micro

725 Airport North Office Park
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
(260) 489-3671 (phone)
(260) 489-2608 (fax) (e-mail)
Manufactures the Window-Eyes screen reader, Small-Talk Ultra, and the Portable SenseView video magnifier.

Distributes a variety of products, including products from Human Information Manage-ment Service in Korea and Index Braille in Sweden.

Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH

Brunnenstrasse 10
D-72160 Horb, Germany
+49 7451 5546-0 (phone)
+49 7451 5546-67 (fax) (e-mail)
U.S. distributor: Handy Tech North America

Manufactures braille displays (Bookworm, Braille Star 40, Braille Star 80, Braille Wave, Easy Braille, Modular Evolution) and the Braillino with Bluetooth personal digital assistant.

Handy Tech North America

1349 Pike Lake Drive
New Brighton, MN 55112
(651) 636-5184 (phone)
(866) 347-8249 (fax) (e-mail)

Distributes products from Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH in Germany and Index Braille in Sweden.

Health Care Services, Inc.

342 Fourth Avenue
Huntington, WV 25701
(304) 525-9184 (phone) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of video magnifiers from Low Vision International in Sweden.

Henter Math, LLC

P.O. Box 40430
St. Petersburg, FL 33743-0430
(888) 533-6284 or (727) 347-1313 (phone) (e-mail)

Manufactures educational products (Virtual Pencil Algebra and Virtual Pencil Arith-metic).

Human Information Management Service

High-Tech Venture Hall 5105
53-3 Eoeun-dong, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon, 305-348
U.S. distributors: GW Micro, Easy Talk

Manufactures braille displays (Sync Braille-20 Cell, Sync Braille-32 Cell) and personal digital assistants (Braille Sense and Voice Sense).

HumanWare Canada

445, rue du Parc Industriel
Longueuil, PQ 4H 3V7
(888) 723-7273 or (819) 471-4818 (phone)
(819) 471-4828 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures digital Talking Book players (Victor Reader ClassicX Plus, Victor Reader Stream, Victor Reader Wave, Victor Reader Soft).

HumanWare USA

175 Mason Circle
Concord, CA 94520
(800) 722-3393 or (925) 680-7100 (phone)
(925) 681-4630 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures braille displays (Braille Connect 12, BrailleConnect 32, Braille Connect 40, Brailliant 24, Brailliant 32, Brailliant 40, Brailliant 64, Brailliant 80), personal digital assistants-braille (Braille Note mPower BT 18, BrailleNote mPower BT 32, BrailleNote mPower QT 18, BrailleNote mPower QT 32, BrailleNote PK), personal digital assistants-speech (VoiceNote mPower BT, VoiceNote mPower QT), and video magnifiers myReader2, PocketViewer, SmartView Xtend). Also distributes a variety of products, including products from Quantum Technol-ogy in Australia and HumanWare Canada.

Independent Living Aids

200 Robbins Lane
Jericho, NY 11753
(800) 537-2118 or (516) 937-1848 (phone)
(516) 937-3906 (fax) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of braille displays, braille embossers, digital Talking Book players, educational products, low vision products, tactile and braille materials, tactile maps, talking products, and video magnifiers.

Index Braille

Hantverksvagen 20, Box 155
S-954 23 Gammelstad, Sweden
+46 920 20 30 80 (e-mail) (e-mail)
U.S. distributors: American Thermoform, Audio Visual Mart, BlinkSoft, Brailler Depot, Christal Vision, Easy Talk, Handy Tech North America, NanoPac, Virtual Vision

Manufactures braille embossers (4 Wave Professional, Index 4?4, Index Basic D, Index Basic S, Index Everest-D), braille translators (iBraille, WinBraille), and optical character recognition systems (Optical Braille Recognition).

Innovative Rehabilitation Technology

13467 Colfax Highway
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(800) 322-4784 or (530) 274-2090 (phone)
(530) 274-2093 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures digital Talking Book players (Plextalk PTN1, Plextalk PTR2, eClipse Reader, eClipseWater, eClipseWater Professional, eClipseWriter Personal Edition, eClipseWriter Professional). Also distributes a variety of products.


9593 Corsair Drive
Conifer, CO 80433-9317
(800) 854-6554 or (303) 797-6554 (phone)
(303) 727-4940 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures video magnifiers (Magni-Cam, Triad Color Magni-Cam Electronic Magnifier).

InSiPhil (US) LLC

650 Vaqueros Avenue, Suite F
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(800) 804-8004 or (408) 616-8700 (phone)
(408) 616-8720 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures the Ovation optical character recognition system and video magnifiers (Aladdin Apex, Aladdin Classic, Aladdin Rainbow Elite, Aladdin Sunshine, Aladdin Ultra, Atlas 600, Atlas 610, Genie Pro, Olympia, Pico).


1720 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954
(800) 899-6687 or (707) 773-2000 (phone)
(707) 773-2001 (fax) (e-mail)

Produces classroom tools for students with learning and physical disabilities, including alternative keyboards (IntelliKeys) and overlays.

InTouch Graphics

P.O. Box 75762
St. Paul, MN 55175-0762
(612) 220-6657 (phone)

Creates customized tactile maps with both low vision and tactile features.

JBliss Low Vision Systems

P.O. 7382
Menlo Park, CA 94026
(888) 452-5477 or (650) 327-5477 (phone) (e-mail)

Manufactures optical character recognition systems (ezVIP, VIP) and the PnC Net screen magnification system. Also distributes a variety of screen readers and video magnifiers.

Kirk Reiser and Andy Berdan

Developed the Speakup screen reader.

K-NFB Reading Technology

15 Walnut Street, Suite 200
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481
(877) 547-1500 (phone)

Manufactures the Kurzweil–National Federation of the Blind Reader optical character recognition system.

Kurzweil Educational Systems

14 Crosby Drive
Bedford, MA 01730-1402
(800) 894-5374 or (781) 276-0600 (phone)
(781) 276-0650 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures optical character recognition (specialized scanning) systems (Kurzweil 1000, Kurzweil 3000).


1500 Cherry Street, Suite D
Louisville, CO 80027
(800) 315-2305 or (303) 926-4334 (phone)
(303) 926-1787 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures the Icon accessible personal digital assistant.

Low Vision International

Verkstadsgatan 5
352 46 Växjö
+46 470 727700 (phone)
+46 470 727725 (fax) (e-mail)

U.S. distributors: Health Care Services, Inc. (HCSI), Vision Cue, Virtual Vision Technologies (VVT), and Christal Vision

Manufactures video magnifiers (Explorer PC, MagniLink C Reader, MagniLink C Split, MagniLink P, MagniLink S Reader, MagniLink S Student Addition, MagniLink S Student Classic, MagniLink U Split, MagniLink U Student, MagniLink X Reader, MagniLink X Split, MagniLink Zip).


P.O. Box 673
Northbrook, IL 60065
(800) 468-4789 or (847) 498-9777 (phone)
(847) 498-1482 (fax)
(866) 317-8533 (TDD/TTY) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of products, including products from Reinecker Reha-Technik in Germany.


3631 North Stone Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
(800) 753-4767 or (719) 578-8893 (phone)
(719) 578-9887 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures video magnifiers (Explorer, Journey)


42 Executive Boulevard
Farmingdale, NY 11735
(800) 522-6294 or (631) 752-0689 (phone)
(631) 752-0689 (fax)
(800) 281-3555 (Toll-Free TDD) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of products, including products from Variscite in Israel.

Metroplex Voice Computing

P. O. Box 121984
Arlington, Texas 76012
(817) 543-1103 (fax) (email)

Produces voiced mathematics products, including MathPad and MathTalk.

Michael Curran (e-mail)

Developer and distributor of the NVDA (Nonvisual Desktop Access) screen reader.


Manufactures the Microsoft Speech Engine speech synthesizer.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Developed MathTrax, a free downloadable graphing tool for middle school and high school students.

Next Generation Technologies

20006 Cedar Valley Road, Suite 101
Lynnwood, WA 98036-6334
(425) 744-1100 (phone)
(425) 778-5547 (fax)

Manufactures J-Say Pro. Also distributes a variety of educational products.


109 Conner Drive, Suite 2105
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(800) 326-6460 or (919) 967-6460 (phone)
(919) 967-8146 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures bioptic telescopes.

Optek Systems

P.O. Box 277
Rydalmere, NSW 0176
Australia (e-mail)
U.S. distributor: Opus Technologies

Manufactures the Toccata music braille translator and tactile graphics materials (Nomad Mentor software and Nomad pad). Also distributes a variety of products.

Optelec USA

3030 Enterprise Court, Suite C
Vista, CA 92081
(800) 828-1056 or (978) 857-2500 (phone)
(800) 368-4111 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures braille displays (Alva 544 Satellite Traveller, Alva 570 Satellite, Alva 584 Satellite Pro, Alva BC640, Braille Voyager 44), the EasyLink 12 personal digital assistant, and video magnifiers (Clear Note, ClearView+, Compact+, The Traveller).

Optron Assistive Technologies

P.O. Box 5454
Morton, IL 61550
(888) 567-8756 or (309) 694-2077 (phone) (e-mail)

Manufactures video magnifiers (i-Stick, Optron Mobile, Optron Observer, Optron Pro, Optron Vision).

Opus Technologies

13333 Thunderhead Street
San Diego, CA 92129-2329
(858) 538-9401 (phone) (e-mail)

Distributes braille translators from Optek Systems, Toccata braille music translators, and other books and material regarding braille music.

Orbit Research

3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 585
Wilmington, DE 19808
(888) 606-7248 (phone)
(208) 279-4576 (fax) (e-mail)

Developed the Orion TI-36X talking scientific calculator.


67-555 East Palm Canyon Drive
Unit C103
Cathedral City, CA 92234
(800) 325-4488 or (760) 321-9220 (phone)
(760) 321-9711 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures a variety of video magnifiers (Color-Eye, Flex-Eye, Golden-Eye, Pro Zoomer, ZACC-S, Zoom Flex, Zoom-Eye).

Perfect Solutions Software, Inc.

2685 Treanor Terrace
Wellington, FL 33414
(800) 726-7086 (phone)
(561) 790-0108 (fax) (e-mail)

PC6 portable dedicated word processor.

Perkins Products/Howe Press

Perkins School for the Blind
175 North Beacon Street
Watertown, MA 02172-2790
(877) 473-7546 or (617) 972-7308 (phone)
(617) 926-2027 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures the Perkins Brailler, slates, and braille accessories. Also distributes a variety of educational products.

Portset Systems

Southampton SO32 1AX
United Kingdom
+44 01489 893 919 (phone)
Brook Street, Bishops Waltham
+44 01489 893 320 (fax) (e-mail)
U.S. distributor: Technologies for the Visually Impaired

Manufactures the Portset Reader optical character recognition system.

Premier Assistive Technology

13102 Blaisdell Drive
DeWitt, MI 48820
(517) 668-8188 (phone)
(517) 668-2417 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures optical character recognition systems (Complete Reading System, Text Cloner Pro) and a variety of talking and educational products.

Quantum Technology

5 South Street
P.O. Box 390
Rydalmere NSW 2116
+61 2 8844 9888 (phone)
+61 2 9684 4717 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures the Mountbatten Brailler (braille embosser) and Jot a Dot braille writing device.

RC Systems

1609 England Avenue
Everett, WA 98203
(425) 355-3800 (phone)
(425) 355-1098 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures speech synthesizers (Double Talk, DoubleTalk LT, DoubleTalk PC).

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic

20 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
(866) 732-3585 or (609) 452-0606 (phone)
(609) 520-7990 (fax) (e-mail)

Distributes digital Talking Book players (Professor, Telex Scholar).

Rehan Electronics

Industrial Estate, Courtown Road
Gorey, Co. Wexford
+ 353 053 9422013 (phone)
+ 353 053 9420732 (fax) (e-mail)
U.S. distributor: Your Low Vision Store

Manufactures the Looky video magnifier.

Renaissance Learning, Inc.

P.O. Box 8036
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54495-8036
(800) 338-4204 or (715) 424-3636 (phone)
(715) 424-4242 (fax)

Manufactures Alpha Smart dedicated word processors (Neo and Dana).


75 Carver Avenue
Westwood, NJ 07675
(800) 948-8453 or (201) 722-1880 (phone)
(201) 722-1881 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures tactile graphics materials (Tactile Image Enhancer, Flexi-Paper Tactile Imaging Paper, Thermo Pen II).

RJ Cooper & Associates

27601 Forbes Road
Suite 39
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
(800) 752-6673) or (949) 582-2572 (phone)
(949) 582-3169 (fax) (e-mail) (e-mail)

Manufactures educational products (Biggy, Biggy-Light, Find the Buttons) and speech products (Speak to Me, Talk 'n Scan Calculator).


15 Stamford Road
Oakleigh 3166
+61 3 9568 2568 (phone)
+61 3 9568 1377 (fax)
U.S. distributor: SensAbility

Manufactures the Braille Master braille translator and the Simon Reading Machine (optical character recognition system).


299-B Peterson Road
Libertyville, IL 60048
(888) 669-7323 (phone)
(847) 367-4003 (fax)

Distributes products from Robotron.

Serotek Corporation

1128 Harmon Place, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55403
(866) 202-0520 (phone) (e-mail)

Manufactures screen readers (System Access Stand-alone, System Access Stand-alone Mobile, System Access Surfboard); and speech products (FreedomBox Stand-alone).

Shop Low Vision

3030 Enterprise Court, Suite D
Vista, CA 92081-8358
(800) 826-4200 (phone)
(800) 368-4111 (fax)

Offers a variety of independent living and low vision products.

Sight Enhancement Systems

60 Bathurst Drive, Unit #17
Waterloo, ON N2V 2A9
(519) 883-8400 (phone)
(519) 883-8405 (fax) (e-mail)

Developers of video-based assistive technologies for people with vision loss. Manufactures the Sci Plus talking scientific calculators and the Wat-Cam video camera unit for distance viewing and close-up reading and writing tasks.

Society for the Blind

2750 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 452-8271 (phone) (e-mail)

Distributes variety of braille writing materials and talking products.

Springer Design

3160 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 145
San Ramon, CA 94583
(925) 242-0310 (phone)
(925) 242-0357 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures the BookCourier Digital Talking Book player.

Sun Microsystems

Accessibility Program Office
4150 Network Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA
(800) 786-0404 or (650) 960-1300 (phone)

Manufactures the Screen Reader and Magnifier screen readers.

TACK-TILES Braille Systems

P.O. Box 475
Plaistow, NH 03865
(800) 822-5845 (phone)
(603) 382-1748 (fax)

Manufactures the Tack-tiles Braille System.

Technologies for the Visually Impaired

9 Nolan Court
Hauppauge, NY 11778
(631) 724-4479 (phone)
(631) 724-4479 (fax) (e-mail)

Distributes a variety of products, including products from Index Braille in Sweden, Papenmeier in Germany, and Portset Systems in the United Kingdom.

Touch Graphics

330 West 38th Street, Suite 1204
New York, NY 10018
(800) 884-2440 or (212) 375-6341 (phone)
(646) 452-4211 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures educational products and games based on the Talking Tactile Tablet and other computer products for visually impaired students and adults.


P.O. Box 465
Nesher 36603
972-4-8200727 (phone) (e-mail)
U.S. distributor: MaxiAids

Manufactures the TADI Talking Organizer personal digital assistant (speech).

VideoEye Corporation

9465 West Emerald
Boise, ID 83704
(800) 416-0758 or (208) 323-9577 (phone)
(208) 658-1762 (fax) (e-mail)

Offers a variety of video magnifiers.


Old Working, Surrey GU22 9ER
United Kingdom
+44 01483 722273 (phone)
30A High Street
+44 01483 728343 (fax)

Manufactures the EEZEE Reader video magnifier.

VIEW International Foundation

230 Peach Tree Drive
West Monroe, LA 71291
(318) 396-1853 (phone) (e-mail)

Offers a collection of files for creating tactile diagrams.

ViewPlus Technologies

853 SW Airport Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 754-4002 (phone)
(541) 738-6505 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures braille embossers (Emprint SpotDot, Tiger embossers, ViewPlus Cub Embosser, ViewPlus Cub Jr Embosser, View Plus Max Embosser, ViewPlus Pro Em-bosser); and educational products (Audio Graphing Calculator, DotsPlus, Tiger Braille Math, IVEO speaking tactile diagram system).

Vision Technology

8501 Delport Drive
St. Louis, MO 63114
(800) 560-7226 or (314) 890-8300 (phone)
(314) 890-8383 (fax) (e-mail)

Manufactures video magnifiers (Premier, ProSeries, Select, SelectUltra, View, VTI InSight CCTV).

Xerox Corporation

Xerox Office Group Headquarters
P.O. Box 1000
MS 7060-583
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(800) 835-6100 (support)
(503) 682-2980 (fax)

Manufactures the Xerox Copier Assistant (speech product).

Your Low Vision Store

1794 East Main Street
Ventura, CA 93001
(800) 310-3938 (phone) (e-mail)
Distributes a variety of products, including products from Rehan Electronics in Ireland.


The general categories in this listing can be used to find manufacturers and distributors whose contact information appears in the previous section that may sell a specific type of technology being sought.

Braille Displays

Baum Retec AG
F. H. Papenmeier GmbH & Co. KG
Freedom Scientific
Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
Human Information Management Service
HumanWare USA
Optelec USA

Braille Embossers

American Thermoform Corporation
Enabling Technologies Company
Index Braille
Nippon Telesoft
Quantum Technology
ViewPlus Technologies

Braille Translators

Dancing Dots
Dolphin Computer Access
Duxbury Systems, Inc.
Index Braille
Optek Systems

CCTVs/Video Magnifiers

ABISee, Inc.
Another Eye
Ash Technologies
Bierley Associates
Enhanced Vision Systems
Freedom Scientific
GW Micro
HumanWare USA
InSiPhil (US) LLC
Low Vision International
Optron Assistive Technology
Rehan Electronics
Sight Enhancement Systems
VideoEye Corporation
Vision Technology, Inc.

Digital Talking Book Players

American Printing House for the Blind
Dolphin Computer Access
Freedom Scientific
HumanWare Canada
Innovative Rehabilitation Technology
Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
Springer Design

Educational Technology and Materials

American Printing House for the Blind
American Thermoform Corporation
Ann Arbor Publishers
Design Science
Don Johnston
Exceptional Teaching, Inc.
Franklin Electronic Publishers
Henter Math
InTouch Graphics
Metroplex Voice Computing
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Optek Systems
Orbit Research
Perfect Solutions Software
Perkins Products/Howe Press
Premier Assistive Technology
Quantum Technology
Renaissance Learning
RJ Cooper
Sight Enhancement Systems
Touch Graphics
View International
ViewPlus Technologies

Low Vision Devices

Ai Squared
American Printing House for the Blind
Independent Living Aids

Optical Character Recognition Systems and Reading Machines

Baum Retec AG
Freedom Scientific
Guerilla Technologies
Index Braille
InSiPhil (US) LLC
JBliss Imaging Systems
K-NFB Reading Technology, Inc.
Kurzweil Educational Systems
Portset Systems, Ltd.
Premier Assistive Technology

Personal Digital Assistants

American Printing House for the Blind
F. H. Papenmeier GmbH & Co. KG
Freedom Scientific
Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH
Human Information Management Service
HumanWare USA
Optelec USA, Inc.

Screen Magnification Systems

Ai Squared
Dolphin Computer Access
Freedom Scientific
Gregory Braun
JBliss Imaging Systems

Screen Readers

Accessibility Program Office of Sun Microsystems
Dancing Dots
David Mielke
Dolphin Computer Access
Freedom Scientific
GW Micro
Kirk Reiser and Andy Berdan
Michael Curran

Speech Products

American Printing House for the Blind
Beyond Sight
Canon USA
Captek dba Science Products
Dancing Dots
En-Vision America
Franklin Electronic Publishers
Freedom Scientific
GW Micro
Next Generation Technologies
Premier Assistive Technology
Sight Enhancement

Speech Synthesizers

Access Solutions
Fonix Speech, Inc.
Microsoft Speech Engine
RC Systems


The organizations listed in this section produce reading material for people who are blind or visually impaired in a variety of formats, including large print, braille, audio recording, and digital formats, as well as tactile graphics.

American Printing House for the Blind (APH)

1839 Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY 40206-0085
(800) 223-1839 or (502) 895-2405 (phone)
(502) 899-2274 (fax) (e-mail)

Maintains a repository of accessible materials for people who are blind or visually impaired. The Louis database on APH's web site allows teachers, parents, and students to locate thousands of textbooks in braille, large print, recorded, and computer disc formats available from producers across the United States. The Image Library Database may be accessed by teachers, transcribers, students, families, and paraprofessionals to find tactile graphics that can be enhanced for their needs. Administers the federal quota system to provide braille and other materials to students who are blind and houses the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC), the central repository that contains source files from publishers that can be used to produce books in accessible formats for students with print disabilities.

Audio Studio for the Reading Impaired (ASRI)

1403 Park Road
Anchorage, KY 40223
(502) 245-5422 (phone) (e-mail)

Produces recordings of printed material for anyone who is physically unable to read standard print or unable to hold a book.

480 California Avenue, Suite 201
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 644-3400 (phone) (e-mail)

Online library of digital books for people with visual disabilities with a collection that includes fiction, nonfiction, reference material, textbooks, as well as newspapers and magazines. Members download books directly and read them with any available assistive hardware device or software application that supports digital text. Also provides an assistive software application for free.

Braille Co., Inc.

65-B Town Hall Square
Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 540-0800 (phone) (e-mail)

Specializes in transcription services for vocational and educational needs.

Braille Institute of America (BIA)

741 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(800) 272-4553 or (323) 663-1111, ext. 3112 (phone) (e-mail)

Maintains a library with more than 60,000 books available in braille and on cassette, consisting of recreational and informational titles for adults and children. BIA's Universal Media Services also offers a variety of braille production services such as transcription into braille of electronic files, hard copy, or highly formatted or technical material; reproduction of multiple braille copies; and creation of tactile graphics.

Braille International

3290 Southeast Slater Street
Stuart, FL 34997
(888) 336-3142 or (772) 286-8366 (phone)
(772) 286-8909 (fax) (e-mail)

The William A. Thomas Braille Bookstore offers fiction and nonfiction braille books for children and adults. Also offers braille transcription and embossing services.

Braille Jymico

70 West Madison Street
Three First National Plaza, Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 214-2380 (phone)
(312) 214-3110 (fax)

Produces illustrations, graphics, and spatial representations adapted to touch recognition for people who are blind.

Future Aids: The Braille Superstore

2190 Dolphin Crescent
Abbotsford, BC V2T 3T1
(800) 987-1231 or (604) 852-6341 (phone)

Source of many braille books and devices, low vision devices, and speech software.

Horizons for the Blind

2 North Williams Street
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014-4401
(800) 318-2000 or (815) 444-8800 (phone)
(815) 444-8830 (fax) (e-mail)

Provides braille, large print, and audiocassette and CD instruction in crafts, gardening, food preparation, recreational reading, and the operation of household appliances as well as braille signage for public facilities.

Kenneth Jernigan Library for Blind Children American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults (AAF/BCA)

18440 Oxnard Street
Tarzana, CA 91356
(818) 343-2022 (phone) (e-mail)

Has more than 40,000 braille and Twin Vision books, which are loaned free of charge to blind children, blind parents who have sighted children, schools, regional libraries for the blind, institutions serving the blind, and schools and libraries in many foreign countries.

Library Reproduction Service

14214 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90061-1034
(800) 255-5002 or (310) 354-2610 (phone)
(310) 354-2601 (fax) (e-mail)

Produces large-print textbooks, laboratory manuals, study guides, tests, and reference and general reading materials.

National Association for Visually Handicapped (NAVH)

22 West 21st Street 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 255-2804 (phone)
(212) 727-2931 (fax) (e-mail)
507 Polk Street, Suite 420
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 775-6284 (6284) (phone)
(415) 346-9593 (fax) (e-mail)

Maintains a library with a large variety of large-print books in such categories as literature, language, mathematics, reading, science, social studies, spelling, and leisure reading.

National Braille Press

88 St. Stephen Street
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 266-6160 or (800) 548-7323 (phone)
(617) 437-0456 (fax) (e-mail)

Offers a braille production service; produces braille textbooks and tests and tactile graphics. Sells a variety of print-braille books for young children and also offers the Children's Braille Book Club.

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS)

Library of Congress
1291 Taylor Street, NW
Washington, DC 20542
(202) 707-5100 or (800) 424-8567 (phone) (e-mail)

Has a lending library of print/braille books, materials in braille, recorded discs and cassettes, Digital Talking Books, Web-Braille, and music for blind and visually impaired persons who cannot use printed materials. Distributes other braille books through state and regional libraries for the blind.

Readings for the Blind (RBMI)

29350 Southfield Road, Suite 130
Southfield, MI 48076-2060
(888) 766-1166 or (248) 557-7776 (phone) (e-mail)

Records books not available elsewhere for the visually impaired, learning disabled, and those physically unable to hold a book or turn a page. Recordings are available on cassette (2-track and 4-track) and CD.

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D)

20 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
(866) 732-3585 or (609) 452-0606 (phone) (e-mail)

Maintains an extensive collection of audio book titles in a broad variety of subjects, from literature and history to math and the sciences, at all academic levels, from kindergarten through post-graduate and professional. Also records books in major fields of study on request.

SCALARS Publishing

P.O. Box 382834
Germantown, TN 38183-2834
(901) 737-0001 (phone)
(901) 624-7995 (fax) (e-mail)

Publishes several books that teach the literary braille code and a print dictionary of words that contain braille contractions, The Braille Enthusiast's Dictionary.

Seedlings Braille Books for Children (SBBC)

14151 Farmington Road
Livonia, MI 48154-4522
(734) 427-8552 (phone)
(800) 777-8552 (e-mail)

Produces braille books at each level of development, from toddler board books to classic literature for older children. The Rose Project offers World Book Encyclopedia articles in braille, free of charge for blind students in grades 1-12.

T-Base Communications, Inc.

19 Main Street
Ottawa, ON K1S 1A9
(800) 563-0668 or (613) 236-0866 (phone)
(613) 236-0484 (fax) (e-mail)

Transcribes, publishes, and distributes documents into braille, large print, e-text, and audio formats.

TFB Publications

234 Lafayette Avenue
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010
(201) 313-8905 (phone) (e-mail)

Offers braille transcription of materials submitted electronically. Also distributes braille books such as children's books, cook books, and sewing books.

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