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From the American Foundation for the Blind
 May 2015 Issue  Volume 16  Number 5
2015 AFB Leadership Conference Logo 2015 AFB Leadership Conference Highlights
The American Foundation for the Blind recently closed its2015 AFB Leadership Conference, and I would love to share some highlights. It was a fast-and-furious conference! My "top 12" highlights are contained in this article.
Joe Strechay

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Technology Conference News

2015 AFB Leadership Conference Highlights
by Joe StrechayHighlights from the jam-packed 2015 AFB Leadership Conference. The conference featured unique and informative panels and presentations from experts from around the United States and abroad, and was attended by approximately 420 people from 38 states and 7 countries!

Product Evaluations and Guides

A Review of the New ScanJig Pro Scanning Stand
by Janet Ingber The ScanJig Pro is improved from its previous version. It is more stable and easier to assemble. Unfortunately, the ScanJig Pro is difficult to use when scanning a large document, and almost impossible to use with books.

Audio Hijack 3 Audio Recording Utility from Rogue Amoeba Has a New, Accessible Interface
by Janet Ingber The new format for Audio Hijack 3 can be a bit confusing. Fortunately, it contains many pre-configured templates, and VoiceOver provides a lot of information including Audio Grid position and Help tags.

Book Review

Out and About: Our Favorite iOS Travel Apps, by Judy Dixon and Doug Wakefield: A Book Review
by Deborah Kendrick If you want to give better directions to the people who drive you from place to place, if you want to take greater control of your own transportation itinerary, or if you just want to learn more about the places in your neighborhood and around the world, you will love this book.

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Letters to the Editor

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