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 July 2016 Issue  Volume 17  Number 7
Back to School written on a chalkboard with books and an apple on a desk. Tackling the Research Paper: Tips and Tools for Success for People with Vision Loss
For high school and college students, research papers are either viewed as a walk in the park or the bane of one's existence. Some may be able to reel off several pages on a given topic in a matter of a couple of hours, while for others the very thought of a 10- or 20-page research paper on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire is cause for cringing. If you are a cringer, this article provides tips and tools to help make that next research paper a bit easier. Even those who enjoy writing research papers might learn a thing or two.
J.J. Meddaugh

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AccessWorld Takes You “Back to School”

Access to Education and Reading Books

Tackling the Research Paper: Tips and Tools for Success for People with Vision Loss
by J.J. Meddaugh This article provides tips and tools to help make that next research paper a bit easier. Even those who enjoy writing research papers might learn a thing or two.

Amazon Brings Voice Accessibility to the Kindle Paperwhite with a New Audio Adapter
by Bill Holton I found the VoiceView screen reader extremely responsive, and the voice quality was excellent. There is still much work to be done, but I think Amazon has made an excellent start.

Accessible Reading on Multiple Devices with Capti Narrator
by Bill Holton As a free document reader, I think Capti Narrator definitely has its place, particularly on iPhones or other iOS devices. Language students would definitely benefit from the translation feature and Word Challenge game. Students who are not allowed to use their mobile devices at school will also be pleased with the ability to move from desktop at school to mobile device at home. Also, if you need to access a lot of PDF and eBook files on your desktop, Capti Narrator may do the job better than other readers.

Access to Braille Technology

A Review of the 6dot Label Maker from LoganTech: Potentially a Braille User's Dream
by Deborah Kendrick The 6dot Label Maker is by no means perfect, but it is a stylish and efficient device, and the closest we have ever come to putting fast and fabulous braille labels into the work and play environments of braille readers.

Mobile App Evaluations and Guides

BeSpecular: A New Remote Assistant Service
by Bill Holton Recently, a new player entered the accessibility arena. It's called BeSpecular and it was previewed and made publicly available on July 1 at the American Council of the Blind's 2016 convention in Minneapolis. So by the time you read this, the app will be publically available as a free download for both iOS and Android.

Access to Entertainment and Gaming

Netflix Audio Description: What a Difference a Year Makes
by Jamie Pauls While there is always room for growth and improvement, Netflix continues to demonstrate its willingness to provide services to its blind and sighted customers alike.

Game Review: iAssociate 2 by TicBits LTD
by Jamie Pauls iAssociate 2 is a great game that will last you for a really long time. The developers have worked over the years to improve accessibility with VoiceOver, and I find the game to be a pleasure to play from the perspective of a blind person.

Access Technology Training

Free, Massive Open Online Course from Georgia Institute of Technology: Information and Communication Technology Accessibility
by John Rempel Recognizing the increased demand for a greater understanding and wider implementation of ICT accessibility, AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology devoted their time and expertise to develop a massive open online course (MOOC) specifically on ICT accessibility.

AccessWorld News

AccessWorld News

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Letters to the Editor

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