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AccessWorld® Media Kit

Objective information you can trust, smart and informed commentary, and cutting-edge news and trends concerning information technology and visual impairment are presented in AccessWorld®: Technology and People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired. This acclaimed online magazine of the American Foundation for the Blind is published monthly. Readers receive:

  • Unbiased and comprehensive product evaluations
  • User-friendly explanations of current technology
  • Practical tips on using popular technologies
  • News and reports from the field and interviews with industry leaders

AccessWorld® is read by:

  • People with visual impairments
  • Educators
  • Rehabilitation professionals
  • Assistive technology trainers
  • Developers and manufacturers of assistive technology
  • Government agencies and mainstream corporations

AccessWorld® is read by the decision-makers and buyers charged with making information technology choices—the people looking for your product or service.

AccessWorld Usage Statistics

  • 41,000 unique visitors per month
  • 52,000 total visits per month
  • 581 visits per day
  • Average length of visit: 8 minutes, 32 seconds

Read a sample issue:

Advertising Rates

Online ads are 180 pixels wide x 150 pixels high. Ad files should be in .jpg or .gif format. Maximum file size is 15k.

1 month $225
3 month package $525
6 month package $975
1 year package $1750

Advertisers can now reserve a limited number of opportunities to be the exclusive monthly issue sponsor. Issue sponsors get a banner ad on two (2) AccessWorld alert e-mails sent to 8,000 subscribers. In addition, the issue sponsor receives two (2) online ads on the AccessWorld main page and an ad on the article pages. This opportunity is exclusive, and space is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis for the each monthly issue. The cost of the monthly sponsorship is $1,500 per month.

Individual banner ads on alert emails are available for $750 and should be submitted as 600 pixels w x 100 pixels h .jpg or .gif files. No flash animation. Please provide URL and alt text.

Editorial Content and Closing Dates

IssueInsertion Order and Artwork Due
January 2017 12/28/16
February 2017 1/25/17
March 2017 2/25/17
April 2017 3/25/17
May 2017 4/25/17
June 2017 5/25/17
July 2017 6/27/17
August 2017 7/25/17
September 2017 8/25/17
October 2017 9/25/17
November 2017 10/25/17
December 2017 11/28/17

Terms and Conditions

  1. All advertising is subject to editorial approval. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement that is not appropriate or does not meet the standards established by the American Foundation for the Blind.
  2. Advertising reservations, along with artwork, must be received by the indicated closing date. When copy is not received by the deadline date, copy from a previous issue will be inserted, if available. Reservations or cancellations must be received in writing prior to the closing date. Any space reservation or changes in the contract made by phone must be confirmed in writing.
  3. Ads are 180x150 pixels only. The maximum file size is 15k. All ads must include plain text for alt-tags. In order to link advertisements to an advertiser’s web site, an exact URL must be provided. The publisher will provide html coding as necessary for purposes of accessibility. No ads containing "rich media," animation, or pop-ups will be accepted. If you have any questions or need additional information regarding proper file construction, please call 212-502-7614.
  4. The position of ads is at the discretion of the publisher. Advertisements appear on the AccessWorld® homepage in a location to be determined by the publisher. For any services provided by the publisher to complete preparation of an ad, the advertiser will be notified, and billed an hourly charge of $75 with a one-hour minimum.
  5. Advertising space availability is limited and may vary from month to month.
  6. Materials provided to the advertiser will not be returned.
  7. Billing will be made upon activation of the advertisement. Full payment is due 30 days from invoice date. No cash discount.

Commission to recognized advertising agencies: 15 percent

Advertising contact:

Anne Durham, Senior Marketing Manager
(304) 710-3026

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New! Orientation and Mobility Techniques, Second Edition

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