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Wanted: Your Input for Upcoming AccessWorld Article

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A customer service agent yells angrily into his headset.

[Editor's note: the following post comes from Deborah Kendrick, Senior Features Editor for AccessWorld.]

It's the dreaded call we all have to make at some point: contacting technical support for a mainstream commercial company, where we know we'll talk to a technician who has no clue how people who or blind or have low vision use a computer.

My own experience has run the gamut. There was the guy for my internet service provider, talking to me all the way from India, who kept saying upon learning that I was blind, "I'm so sorry, ma'am."

Then there was the woman at an airline company who kept shrieking at me, "Turn off that horrible noise," each time she heard my screen reader deliver a piece of information.

I plan to write an article about such encounters for AccessWorld, and would love to hear from you.

Has a technical support person ever said to you, "Yeah, I understand. I'm blind, too"? Have you ever canceled a contract or service because the technical support person was so uncooperative? Or (my wildest dream), have you ever taught a technical support person how to use the keyboard instead of the mouse?

Post your comments here and/or send them to me directly at:

I look forward to your input. Thank you!

Angry customer support photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

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