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Art Through the Eyes of the Holder-A Workshop at the Connecticut Art Education Association

Posted by: Department of Rehabilitation Services-Bureau of Education & Services for the Blind

Date: 1/18/2018

DORS-BESB (Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind, CT) teachers of children with visual impairments Patti Fahle and Adrienne Brown teamed up with Bolton CT Center School’s art teacher, Polly Vouglas, to lead a workshop at last year’s annual CAEA (Connecticut Art Education Association) conference on October 19, 2017. The workshop was entitled “Art Through the Eyes of the Holder” and focused on simple adaptations to make visual art meaningful for students with blindness or low vision. The workshop leaders facilitated a hands-on art lesson where participants acted as classroom students. Participants wore low vision simulators or blindfolds to aid their comprehension of the art making experience for students with visual impairments. The art lesson focused on the elements of shape and form, and the principle of rhythm. Participants explored the 3 dimensional form of a pumpkin (a sphere) and how to translate that form into its 2 dimensional equivalent (a circle). The principle of rhythm was explored by feeling and re-creating the repetitious ridges of a pumpkin’s surface. The end result was a 2-d representation of a pumpkin.

Adaptations for low vision participants included bold, high contrast colored materials. Participants who were blindfolded used materials like tactile paper, wiki sticks, pipe cleaners, and other found objects which they found appropriate. Pictured below is an example of a pumpkin created from tactile paper. Different paper selections reflect the texture of the ridged stem, smooth skin, and rough patches on the pumpkin.

Patti, Adrienne, and Polly very much enjoyed making creative expression more accessible for students with visual impairments!

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