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Employment Program from Project Starfish U.S.A.

Date: 2/8/2017

Project Starfish America: Brief Directory Profile

Who Are We: Project Starfish, is part of MIT Startup Exchange, a group of top scaling startups globally. Our vision is to create employment for millions of people globally who have ambition, talent and yet because of their circumstances do not get the opportunity to learn, earn, work and become employed.

What Do We Do: Project Starfish, is a visionary system of workforce development & internship, where the unemployed are re-skilled, by working on live and real hands-on global projects in teams, make a little income, work in a global office atmosphere, become inclusive with businesses, augment their resume and become the workers of tomorrow that deliver value to businesses. In short, we create work opportunities through personal and professional transformation. In the last 3 years, our success of working with over 90 businesses, creating employment for 180 professionals with disabilities in 6 countries is a feat accomplished first time in the world, creating serial opportunities and a contemporary model thus breaking all records.

How Do We Do What We Do: Project Starfish is a visionary system that scales beyond city, state, country and continents because we create remote digital workers, which exactly where the world is heading towards in a digital age. Our system uses a Harvard model of inclusion, role playing, simulation and real work that transforms ambitious people looking for work. Note, we are not a job agency. We are a program. It takes effort here to re-skill. You just have to follow the process.

How We Select People: Project Starfish is beyond race, religion, color, disability, social status, education etc. We are 100% inclusive. 100% focused on value. 100% focused on ability and 100% focused on work. Our criteria of selection is simple. Should have IT knowledge of using computers and connected to the Internet, and should have a great attitude. Once admitted into the program, one can learn skills here.

How Do You Apply: It is a very easy process! First, watch all the videos and audios on our link: to understand our model, success and conditions. Second, send your resume to seeking admission. If you don’t have a resume, we believe you are not serious about work. Third, take our assessment at

Where Are We Located: In a world, where Facebook creates the world’s largest content without creating any; Air BnB owns the highest space for hospitality, without owning a space; Uber operates the biggest car fleet without owning one, it does seem that there is a change coming that we need to take heed of, which will need a new workforce. We are officially based out of Lowell, MA, but we are truly global with our members in 7 countries, in 3 continents. We are 100% virtual and one can work from anywhere, just like the rest of the world.

Who Are the Trainers: The people who train you are people with disabilities themselves who have been highly successful here. We see no point in having trainers, who have not proven themselves. Which also means, this is one of the best places to be with as our people understand your dreams, ambition and your situation. We are experiential in our approach; meaning we are “hands-on”. We learn by failure, and we celebrate failure as the only opportunity to succeed. We are result driven, not effort driven. You can check our accolade at:

What Is the Duration & What Will You Learn Here: Our program is customized although the minimum commitment is 4 months and it is part-time based which will never hamper your current engagements. There are many who have succeeded within the 4 month period, and some take a year. You are guaranteed to be taken care of in your life time, as that’s our mission. You will learn leadership, work skills, networking skills and working with businesses from day one.

General Contact Info

Project Starfish U.S.A.
181 Market St. #9
Lowell, MA 01852

Twitter: @project STARF1SH

Send resumes to addressed to NASREEN BHUTTA

Contact: Project Starfish U.S.A.

Phone: (781) 262-0520


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