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Guaranteed Job Placement Upon Graduation from IRS Program

Date: 1/4/2017

The 13-week Taxpayer Service Representative (TSR) program is designed to prepare a person to assist taxpayers with filing information at the Taxpayer Service Division of the IRS. The program is scheduled for February 13 through May 12, 2017, with the last day to begin evaluations January 9, 2017. Clients who successfully complete the program are GUARANTEED a job with the IRS.

The curriculum includes instruction in IRS tax law, accounts, procedures, and forms. The client learns to use a personal computer to quickly and effectively access taxpayer information in the IRS database while assisting the taxpayer on the telephone. The client is also taught telephone etiquette to assist taxpayers with questions over the telephone. The computer equipment and assistive technology used in the classroom includes state-of-the-art adaptive systems utilizing JAWS and ZoomText, as well as refreshable braille displays.

Hiring cities include: Cleveland, Indianapolis, Fresno, Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, Andover, Baltimore, Richmond, Buffalo, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Franklin/Nashville, and Memphis.


Print reading speed of 100 wpm with 75% comprehension and proficiency with ZoomText, or braille reading speed of 60 wpm with 75% comprehension and proficiency with JAWS and the Focus 80 Blue Braille display

90% accuracy on a math test (using a calculator)

12th-grade spelling level and good written communication skills

Keyboarding speed of 30 wpm

Ability to work well under pressure

Strong logical reasoning ability

Emotional maturity

Good independent living and orientation and mobility skills

Ability to work well with others

For more information or to begin the admissions process, email Rebecca Reid, director of recruiting and retention, at or call 800-248-0734.

Contact: Rebecca Reid


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