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McGraw-Hill Higher Education Seeking College Students in New York to Test Usability Through Assistive Technology

Date: 3/15/2017

Calling all visually impaired college students or immediate graduates! McGraw-Hill Higher Education is seeking students in the New York City area to test usability through assistive technology.

  • Do you use assistive technologies for your online coursework (homework, eBook, etc.)?
  • Wish you could do something to make learning materials more A.T.-friendly?
  • Want to earn some extra spending money?
  • Like free food?

At McGraw-Hill Higher Education, our goal is to create efficient and effective online materials that increase learning and performance for ALL students. We’d like to invite you to help us do just that.

Come participate in one or more of our 60-90 minute student focus groups on college course material usability through assistive technology. No preparation necessary. Simply sign up, show up, and provide your honest feedback on what we show you or ask you to try out.

  • When? Dates to be arranged to fit into your schedule.
  • Where? Our office (between 31st and 33rd streets on 7th avenue in New York City) or we will come to you if you near the NYC area.
  • What do I get? $35-$45 email gift card usable at 60 major retailers (Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Groupon…)
  • Let’s do this! How do I sign up? Go to
  • Questions: Subject: A.T. and Digital Learning Student Focus Group

We will be running an ongoing series of these focus groups and encourage you to come to as many as you possibly can. We thrive on your feedback and are always working to make learning a better experience for everyone.

Additional Information About the Focus Groups

Session 1: "Contextual Inquiry."
Demonstrate to two or three McGraw-Hill team members how you use your assistive technology with digital learning resources and similar online materials on a regular basis, how you work around accessibility issues, and what works well for you.

The McGraw-Hill team members will observe you while you work and will ask questions to better understand how you, personally, do things. We will also ask you to show us sites that work well for you with your assistive technology and explain to us what you like about them, as well as showing us examples that are annoying to use with your assistive technology and explain why. The discussion will be very open and free-flowing.

Session 2: Making Content Clear (1).
We will provide you with samples of McGraw-Hill content and ask for your feedback. For example:

  • Reviewing sample PowerPoint presentations for clarity.
  • Helping us develop a strategy for describing in text complex information that we currently present visually, such as timelines.

Session 3: Feedback on digital platform improvements (1)
We will provide you access to accessibility work that is underway for our online learning platform and ask you to provide feedback on using it with your preferred assistive technology.

Contact: Laura Ciporen



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