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SSI Recipients: Get a Computer with Screen Reader/Magnifier for $50

Date: 4/18/2016

Every year, it seems, computers grow increasingly essential to sight-impaired individuals who wish to retain and enhance their abilities and independence. However, there are a large number of blind individuals who still cannot afford to buy one. Perhaps you know of someone who is in that situation. If so, read on and learn how to get a refurbished Windows 7 computer pre-configured with a screen reader, screen enlargement software, and a suite of other essential software applications for just $50.

In the October 2014 issue of AccessWorld we told you about an organization known as Computers for the Blind. We explained that CFTB provided any blind individual with a refurbished desktop computer with monitor for just $110, or a notebook PC for $160.

Now, while they last, SSI recipients can receive one of eighty-five fully accessible desktop computers with monitor for just $50. The offer was made possible by a grant from the Delta Gamma Foundation.

The offer is restricted to SSI recipients—SSDI recipients are not eligible. Previous grant recipients are also ineligible. You will need a copy of your SSI award letter to be eligible. "If you need to obtain one from Social Security, you can purchase and pay for the computer now and it will be shipped upon receipt of the award letter,” says CFTB Executive Director David Jeppson."

CFTB computers come with a full suite of blindness and low-vision accessibility software, including a time limited demo version of Talking Typing Tutor. Thanks to a separate grant from Communities Foundation of Texas, 1,000 licenses for a full version of this software to be installed on any CFTB computer have also been made available for just $10 each.

Contact: Computers for the Blind

Phone: (214) 340-6328



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