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BSC Buyer

Organization: Lighthouse For The Blind, Inc.

Posted: 2/14/2018


Assist with the purchasing activities in support of Base Supply Center store operations. Coordinate with stores to assure receipt of merchandise to meet customer requirements. Provide exceptional customer service to help or understand customers’ with regards to appropriate product selection. Consistently maintains good rapport with suppliers. Routinely fills in as cashier during seasonal busy times, as well as assisting in receiving several times during the year to understand the entire process chain.


Customer Duties:

Listens and helps customers find required products and gathers technical data and/or detailed product specifications
Provides and facilitates outstanding communication to in store personnel as well as customers in regards to special requests
Tracks special order requests from start to completion
Maintains a current awareness of office products, understanding of selling pints, brand advantages and model differences, and knowledge of how to best educate customers on product use
Thoroughly research products prior to recommendation to assure product will meet customer requirements - Never Guess
Inventory/Transactional Responsibilities:

Purchases store inventory based upon historical sales data, forecasted quantities, min/max stocking levels or special customer requests
Analyze sales history to determine sales trends and suggests minimum quantity reorder accordingly as well as suggests inventory levels based upon goals, considering: cost, transportation, and restocking lead to times to meet customer expectations.
Ensures system integrity by regularly auditing transactions and balances inventory to ensure ability to meet customer demands while limiting the amount of capitol tied up in inventory
Assists in identifying, selling, or disposing of slow-moving/obsolete inventory as well as assisting with inventory count process and reconciliation
Educates store personnel on new products to improve sales volume
Reports inventory turns, identifies potential problems and recommends solutions such as vendor returns, price changes or marketing activities
Proactively works closely with Merchandising/Inventory Specialist and Store Manager to reduce loss on obsolete inventory by early situational recognition
Vendor Relationships:

Establishes and maintains good working relationships with suppliers
Request and reviews quotations for unique/special buys, selects suppliers based on “best value” for customer.
Evaluates supplier costs, quality and delivery on an ongoing basis
Maintains vendor records, POC’s, pricelists, contract information, passwords, ordering instructions, catalogs and product information
Makes effort to remain aware of new technologies, products and suppliers that can help BSC’s improve sales and margins
Must be familiar with AbilityOne agencies, their product offering, and capabilities
Operational Duties:

Uses computer systems to monitor, evaluate, prioritize and plan purchase orders. Works closely with suppliers to coordinate and communicate priority purchase orders and expedite as required. Monitors open purchase orders. Updates PO notes and store managers regarding delayed merchandise or supplier problems
Updates PO details to reflect revised delivery dates, changes in costs, canceled quantities or any other adjustments necessary to keep store personnel current and records accurate for accounting
Introduces new ideas and suggestions to improve processes and maintain system accuracy
Communication and Teamwork

Work assigned hours, responsible for accuracy of time sheets, and notifies supervisor of any absences per policy
Communicates with supervisor regarding any uncertainty regarding work instructions
Maintain product quality and standards of the store by constantly facing products, making sure older products are in front to promote first in/first out concept, and ensure any carton/product damage is fixed or reported for disposition
Maintain professional appearance
Represent Lighthouse organization and AbilityOne in a positive manner
Desire to work in a high “trust” organization that values: teamwork, strong relationships, and our mission
Regulatory Duties:

Complies with all Lighthouse and store policies and procedures
Complies with BSC “best practices” standards
Complies with all safety requirements
Complies with all federal and local legal requirements
Complies with base rules and contractual requirements
Contract with TAA and country of origin requirements


AA degree or CPM certification required
5+ years of experience in Purchasing with thorough understanding of purchasing functions and order flow
Ability to read drawings, understand technical specifications, MIL-SPEC, NSN’s and other governing laws or regulations concerning lawful government procurement
Physical Demands

Must be able to lift up to 50lbs (box of copy paper) using safe

Contact: Kevin Daniel


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