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Receiving Clerk (BSC)

Organization: Lighthouse For The Blind, Inc.

Posted: 2/14/2018


The successful BSC Receiving Clerk is responsible for performing warehouse and inventory duties at a Base Supply Center (BSC). Receives, inspects, verifies, labels and prepares merchandise for sale. Loads and unloads trucks for delivery. May perform deliveries to customers using company vehicle. Supports customer service, merchandising, facility maintenance and cashiering as needed. Maintains a well-organized and efficient workplace. Ensures that products are available to customers in a timely and safe manner. Assists others in performing their jobs.

Essential Job Functions:

Receives merchandise, verifies quantities and signs for delivery. Records receipt on daily log. Inspects product against Purchase Order description and verifies quantity ordered matches count and pack slip printout.

Creates missing pack slip document when not accompanied with shipment. Accepts receipt by updating received quantities in DDMS. All receipts shall be received in DDMS same day delivered.

Pack slips should be dated and signed and filed with the daily receiving logs. Report any damaged merchandise, mis-shipped items or other problems by documenting on pack slip and give the “shipping discrepancy” to supervisor for action.

Assures product is in un-damaged and in sellable retail packaging. Packaging should be broken down to the selling unit of measure before release from the warehouse. Product MUST be scan-able before leaving the warehouse. Advise supervisor when product is not scanning. Barcode labels can be printed and applied as required.

After items are received, flush receipts with backordered invoices and pull any pick tickets. Attach ticket with item(s), Call customer and note order appropriately. Prepare backordered items for shipment or pick-up as indicated on order.

Remaining items are then released to stock/on-hand in DDMS. Items ready for stock are placed in designated areas indicating they are “released and ready”.

Accuracy is checked daily by running a PO Received by Vendor Report. Verify all transaction match manual PO log. File with daily receiving paperwork. Files must be well organized and easy to retrieve.

Operates material moving equipment such as fork lift and pallet jacks and is responsible for unloading freight carriers and placing merchandise in proper storage areas.

Must keep receiving area secure with no access to unauthorized traffic or persons.

Packs customer purchases in bags or cartons and assists with loading into customer vehicles as required. Or, if delivery is required, then delivers order to customer in company delivery vehicle. Follows any guidelines, procedures or restrictions based on store policy.

Receiving area/workspace must be kept clean and organized

May perform routine vehicle inspections on company owned vehicles/equipment (truck, fork lift, pallet jack). May schedule maintenance or repair work so deliveries are not interrupted. May prepare monthly reports that track vehicle condition, mileage and expenses.

May perform delivery to local customers per store policy. Must always inventory order, have customer sign for receipt, provide good customer service at each stop.

Employee Communication and Teamwork

Works assigned hours. Responsible for accuracy of time sheet. Notifies supervisor of any absence per policy.

Communicate with store managers/store team regarding new items or changes to unit of measure, etc.

Communicates to supervisor regarding any uncertainty of work instruction.

Maintains MSDS sheets in compliance with policies and installation requirements. Keeps MSDS available to employees during business hours.

Completes assigned tasks in a timely manner.

Completes assignments in a safe manner. Demonstrates safe lifting techniques. Uses box cutters and other tools in a careful and safe manner.

Keeps aisles clear and safe for customers and employees while receiving shipments.

Count/verify inventory.

Assist in the disposal of obsolete and discontinued merchandise.

Promotes LH mission by following policies or guidelines established to create a safe environment and enable accessibility to blind employees.

Other Duties

Back-up cashier or store personnel during busy periods or fill-in for lunch and rest periods.

May re-stock shelves. Shelves should be full and attract customers. Products should not be placed too tight so it’s difficult to remove products.

May label shelves with Shelf (Price) Tags. Uses sticker system to identify back stock or multiple facings.

May check products that are out-of-stock. Check inventory quantity. Check min/max. Flip shelf tags where products are sold out. Move neighboring products to cover empty shelves.

Maintain product quality and standards of the store by constantly facing products, making sure older products are in front to get sold and any carton/product damage should be fixed or reported for disposition.

Maintains professional appea

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