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Washington State School for the Blind - AFB Directory Profile

General Information

Washington State School for the Blind
2214 East 13th Street
Vancouver, WA 98661-4120
(360) 696-6321 (Local)
(360) 737-2120 (Fax)

Brief Description

The Washington State School for the Blind provides a large menu of services through a diverse service delivery model including: Intensive On-Campus Programs, Summer School Programs for children, Outreach Services which include direct/consultative Itinerant Services to Local School Districts, statewide assistive technology services, 5th year transitional program, Braille Production and Instructional Resource Center Services, Accessible Online Learning Services, Birth to Three Statewide Coordination, Research Development, Low Vision Clinic, Professional Development and State Vision Consultant Services.

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4:00PM. School year: On-campus 24/5 with students going home on weekends.
Clients served on average per year: 2,000
Number of staff: 100 full-time employees.
Staff description: Highly qualified staff certified in specific disciplines plus teachers of the visually impaired/Orientation and Mobility Instructors, support staff in various therapy areas, nursing/education services, residential/educational staff, braille production, and a full array of campus and outreach support.
Geographic area served: Primary area served - Washington. Also provide services to students from throughout the U.S. on a tuition basis based upon space available.
Publications: Lions Roar Newsletter published quarterly.


Anne Baker, Human Resources Manager, (360) 947-3311,
Emily Coleman, Director of Outreach (WSSB) / State Vision Consultant (WSDS), (360) 947-3304,
Jennifer Fenton, Program Manager, Braille Access Center/Instructional Resource Center, (360) 947-3340,
Jennifer Langley, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, (360) 947-3353,
Scott McCallum, Superintendent, (360) 947-3301,
Sean McCormick, Director of On-Campus Programs, (360) 947-3308,
Lori Pulliam, Director of Transition Services, (360) 947-3279,
Mary Sarate, Director of Business and Finance, (360) 947-3314,
DeEtte Snyder, Birth-3 BVI Coordinator, (360) 947-3305,
Rob Tracey, Facilities Manager, (360) 947-3320,

Services Offered

Services for Adults

  • Braille/Electronic/Audio/Large Print Production
    • Braille Access Center offers transcription to braille services for a fee.

Services for Children

  • Assessment
    • Provided in concert with local school districts. Requests from parents should come through local districts. If parents have questions about assessment/evaluation, they can make direct contact with WSSB. School personnel will assist parents with procedural steps and help connect them with the correct personnel, whether directly at WSSB or in other locations.
  • Braille and Reading Instruction
    • Programs provided both on campus and throughout the state of Washington. WSSB also provides online services for those working with students and needing to develop braille competency skills. Braille production also offered on the campus of WSSB through the Braille Access Center, which is a fee-for-service business.
  • Community Outreach Programs
    • Runs a preschool outreach program. The Outreach Department provides several vital services to students and staff outside of the WSSB campus. Our mission is to fill the gaps of service that may be needed in school districts around the state of Washington and to continue to develop new strategies to better serve visually impaired and blind students.

      Services include:
    • Itinerant teaching services to local school districts.
    • Short-term on-campus evaluations (10 days or less) to assist local districts in programming needs.
    • Low-vision assessments.
    • In-service to local school districts.
    • Consultation to local school districts to assist in assessing the needs of visually impaired and blind students.
    • Assistance to local school districts in recruitment and strategies to provide appropriate services to visually impaired and blind students.

    • The school provides comprehensive services to the full range of students in our state either directly or in partnership with other organizations and/or agencies.
  • Computer Training/Assistive Technology
    • Computer training is provided both on campus and in the local community. WSSB is the statewide assitive technology center for blind/visually impaired students in Washington. Not only are services provided to students, but training is also provided to those teachers, para-professionals, parents, etc. working with students. Workshops are provide on the campus of WSSB, throughout the state and through online classes and workshops.
  • Counseling
    • Liminted counseling on campus with some consultative services provided in the local districts and to parents.
  • Daily Living Skills/Independent Living Skills Training
    • On-campus program: Students are on 24-hour IEPs. Student residence on campus is a cottage environment whereby all aspects of daily living skills are incorporated into the students daily routine.
      Meal preparation: Morning and evening meals are prepared in the cottages as part of each students program as is laundry, etc. WSSB also operates a phased self-medication program designed to help students gain independence in this important area.
      Please check out "Video Clips on Blindness Tips" at
  • Distance Education
    • Services program in the way of online training opportunities for students and those working with the blind and visually impaired. WSSB also provides a variety of free services that are located on the school's website: WSSB is part of a national consortium "CANnect" which is working on the development of accessible and usable online learning for blind and visually impaired students.
  • Early Intervention/Infant Services
    • WSSB provides pre-school services in the child's local community where the districts contract for this services. B-3 services are provided throughout outreach services in accordance with each local districts policies for all children. Aids, applicances and materials for B-3 and pre-schoolers can be obtained from the Ogden Resource Center (ORC) on the WSSB Campus.
  • Education Services
    • WSSB offers a full range of educational services through a comprehensive diverse service delivery system that has been developed in partnership wtih local school districts, educational service districts, and hundreds of other partners throughout our state. Servcies are designed to help meet each child's needs. Location of where these services are provided is determined through a multi-disciplinary committee interested in provide the best servcies for each student in a timely manner.
  • Employment/Job Training
    • WSSB realized that career development starts with parents at a very early age. It is important that children through play begin to learn concepts of work through play and develop interest in a wide variety of potential occupations. WSSB develops transition plans for students no later than age 16 years and works closely with the Dept. of Services for the Blind (DSB) to assist with a smooth transition.

      - Career Development classes
      - On-campus work experience program
      - Off-campus work experience program

      Summer School Programs
      - Youth Employment Solutions I: geared toward students ages 14-16. This two week program focus is in career devlopment, and basic job readiness skills.
      - Youth Employment Solutions II: Operated by DSB. This is a 6 week lock program, that places students on the job for 6 weeks in the greater Seattle area.
      A major focus on independent travel and daily living skills is part of both of these programs.
      - Bridge Program: Operated by DSB - this is a transition program for students that plan on going to college and occurs on a university campus the summer before the student begins their post secondary education. The focus is readiness skills.
      - LIFTT (Living Independent for Today and Tomorrow is a 5th year program which is located ont the WSSB campus. This is a one year program that helps fill the gaps between K-12 - jobs, and the post secondary educational experience with a major foci on all expanded CORE areas.
  • Health
    • WSSB operateds a comprehensive Health Care Center which helps provide for health and welfare of each students.
      - Focus: Teach children about their health related needs and train students to become as independent as possible regarding managing their own health related issues.
      - WSSB offers a program designed to help students become independent through a phasing program with the ultimate outcome of self-medication and the student managing his/her own medical needs.
      - Low Vision Clinic: The Lions Low Vision Clinic - located on the WSSB campus is a partnership with Pacific University and School of Optometry, Lions Clus and WSSB. Offers free comprehensive low vision evaluations to anyone in the community. This program also provides training to approximately 36 university students in low vision that are training to become Optometrist.
      - Video Clips on Blindness Tips - - short clips on administering and managing own medications, eye drops, caring for prosthetic eye, etc. available.
  • Information and Referral
    • WSSB provides a full array of services. Outreach staff work with local districts in providing services B-21+ as per the individual district's policies. On-campus program K-21+ including a comprehensive 5th year program (LIFTT)Living Independent for Today and Tomorrow.

      Referrals come from Local School Districts and parents, however - WSSB believes all parties need to be involved if successful transitions occur between the on-campus program and local school district in the best interest of each child.
  • Low Vision Services
    • Low vision services are provided to all children in need of these servcies on campus and through outreach servcies. WSSB also has a great partnership with Lions, Pacific Northwest University and School of Optometry. A Low Vision Clinic is located on the campus and is open two days a week. The clinic not only provides services to children, but anyone in need of a low vision evaluation. (children and/or adults)
  • Preschool Programs
    • Due to budget reductions, WSSB has closed it's on-campus program is helping provide these services through outreach services with local districts.
  • Recreation Services
    • WSSB provides a comprehensive Recreation program and provides a wide variety of services and experiences from: Tandem biking, down hill and cross country skiing, theater, art programs, music programs, full array of sports programs, etc. The school also operates a weekly outdoor school program for blind/visually impaired children that takes place on the Pacfic Coast. N.W. Environmental Science Camp.
  • Summer/Day Camps and After-school Programs
    • Summer School sports camp
      Youth Employment Solution I (14-16) career awareness and development (2 week program)
      Youth Employment Soution II (16-21)in partnerhsip with Dept. of Serivces for the Blind (6 week long program)
      Computer Programming Camp
      Outdoor School (one week at the Pacific Coast) Focus Environmental Camp for Blind/Vi students - middle school - 12+
      After-school Photography Class. Provides visually impaired students an opportunity to create photographic art in a fun, non-technical environment. To view some of the photos taken by the class of 2011, go to After-School Photo Program Photos.
  • Support for Parents
    • Would like to be doing a lot more - support through both on-campus and outreach programs. Digital curriculum free to parents on website: "Video Clips on Blindness Tips." Offers workshops and a summer institute for teachers, para-professionals and parents. olds Baby Jamboree on WSSB campus in partnership with Washington Sensory Disability Services.
  • Support Groups
    • Parent representative on the WSSB Board and a WSSB parent List Serv
  • Travel/Orientation and Mobility
    • Full array of O&M services both on and off campus.

Services for Professionals

  • Consultation/Technical Program Assistance
    • Provides consultation visits to district.
  • Professional Training
    • Offers in-service training services.
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